court cleaning

We will be starting our normal routine of court cleaning on Monday, August 20th at 10AM. The schedule will be.
This shouldn’t cause any interruption in drop in play.

Monday – courts 4,8,12,16,21,22
Tuesday – courts 3,7,11,15,18,20
Wednesday – courts 2,6,10,14
Thursday – courts 1,5,9,13,17,19

If you are interested in helping the club out, please contact Craig at and he will get you set up with training and scheduling.
We are looking at 2 people a day, working about 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

This does count for monitoring credit.

Important News

This email blast is not intended to incite, nor upset any club member.  It is strictly to inform everyone of the issues/opportunities faced by the Sun City Grand Pickleball Club.

  1. There has been a PDP application( PDP application 18-013 – Outdoor basketball court) that was submitted and approved by both the Lifestyles and Architecture Committees in the past couple of weeks.  Why this matters to the club is that there have been 2 locations talked about to put the new basketball court in.  The first area is in a open spot by the Adobe Center and the second spot was on Court 22 of our pickleball courts.  So far nothing has been decided.  It will be going to the Board of Directors Workshop on August 30th at 1:00PM in the Sagebrush ballroom in the Sonoran Plaza and possibly on to their Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, September 13th at 1:00 PM in the Sagebrush ballroom.
  2. Craig and I will be presenting the clubs PDP request for a Water Bottle filler/ Ice Machine to be installed in the breezeway located between courts 13 and 17, to the Lifestyles Committee on September 12th at 1:00PM in the Palm Center in the Mediterranean room.
  3. I would like to see as many club members as possible attend these meetings to speak up, provide support and to show the Board and committees, that the Pickleball Club needs to be listened to.
  4. Finally, both Keith Darrow (ARC) and Steve Berwald  (LAC) are now on these committees and are making positive changes to each committee.  There is currently an open vacancy on the LAC committee that will be filled shortly.  If you think that you can help make a difference in our community, please submit your name to be interviewed for the open position.  We need another club member on this committee.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions


A Couple of Things

Just a couple of items to bring up.

  1. We have unplugged the TV monitors for the hot summer months.  Lately, people have been plugging them back in.  Please do not do this, as it could ruin/burn out the monitors and the Pickleball club would have to purchase new ones.
  2. CAM recently pointed out to the club board members that there is a lot of used chewing gum stuck to things in the breezeways.  If you chew gum, please put it in the trash cans and not on the bricks of the breezeway or stuck under the benches/seats.
  3. Lastly, Susan and I are going to be moving at the end of the month to a much larger home here in Grand so our current home will be available to rent.  If anyone knows of someone who is looking to rent a home here year round, this might be the place for them.  It is a Willow model at around 1100 sq. ft.  It comes unfurnished and is a nice little home.  We have rented it from our landlord for the past two years at $1300 a month, so if someone was a snowbird, It would be cheaper to rent for the year, than for 6 months during the season.  If you know of anyone looking to move to Grand and might be interested, please give them my info and I can forward it on to the landlord.

I hope everyone has had a good summer and are making plans to return to Sun City Grand soon.  See you soon.


Storm Damage

There was a major storm the ripped through Sun City Grand last night and did some significant damage to the Pickleball courts.  Most of the trees surrounding the courts and parking lot have been torn down by the high winds. If you have someone watching your home while you are away, please have them do a safety check on your home.

Storm Damage Aug 3, 2018


Great News

The Sun City Grand Pickleball Club received great news today.  After many months of stops and starts and a month long test trial on court 4, Ken Olson and CAM gave us their blessing to use our court cleaning machine to keep our own courts clean.  Craig and Susan did a fantastic job during the trial and the three of us will be holding trainings to show additional club members how to use both the Billy Goat Vacuum and the Tomcat court cleaner starting on Monday July 30 at 8:00 AM.  There will be a schedule posted soon for the days and times that we will be cleaning each court.
Please send me an email, if you would like to help.  This will count as a monitor credit.

Also, don’t forget about the First Aid training on September 11th at 1:00PM.  We already have about 15 people that have responded.  There is room for 60 people in this class.  Just let me know if you are interested.
Much more to follow.


Nominate a Pickleball Club Volunteer of the 4th Quarter

Nominate a Pickleball Club Volunteer of the 4th Quarter


Volunteers are the lifeblood Of the Pickleball Club’s Success
“Generous with their time and talents they bring many incredible charitable and community endeavors. Recognizing these individuals for their valuable contributions is an essential part of the club.”

The Board is asking members to submit volunteer names for the FOURTH quarter Club volunteer appreciation award.

If you have submitted a candidate previously you can re-submit them again for the third quarter.

The Volunteer Award Criteria and the Form to submit candidates are available on our website in both Microsoft Word and pdf format. If you have Microsoft Word you can download that version, fill it out and email to Colleen Grimes at, or Linda Durkee at Otherwise you can print out the pdf and leave for Colleen or Linda in the drop box located in the pavilion on the bottom shelf of the stainless steel table.

The deadline for submission is August 20, 2018

Summer Happenings

I hope everyone is having an exciting summer and are counting the days until you return to Sun City Grand.

– We have been busy both on and off of the courts. Craig Soubliere, Susan Konz and I have been conducting a court cleaning trial on one court with the new Tomcat court cleaning machine for CAM management. After the 30 day trial, we should get final approval by next Thursday with a final Demo for CAM. There are a number of Pickleball club members who now are on major committees. Craig and I have been attending all committee and board meetings throughout the summer making the clubs presence known.

– We will be having a 2 hour CPR – First Aid class put on by St Lukes Medical Center in Phoenix on September 11, 2018, from 1-3 PM in the Agua Fria room prior to the September monthly club meeting. This will be beneficial to all club members. If you feel that you will be attending, please send me an email. St Lukes needs a headcount.

– Lastly, Laura Fenton Kovanda is hosting a Friday Night Lights Pickleball team tournament on July 27th at 6:30 PM on the Surprise city courts. Divisions will be at the 3.5, 4.0, 4.5/5.0 level. The first 16 to sign up in each division will play a 4 person team round robin format. Players will draw for teams that night. Cost is $10 per person. Cash prizes and pizza will follow the event.

Please email Laura at to reserve your spot.

More to follow next week on our court cleaning endeavor.


Court Cleaning

CAM will be cleaning the Pickleball Courts on Thursday, July 5th. They will be starting on courts 1-8 and moving down, so courts 13-22 will be available to play on at the start of the day. If we can get enough volunteers to assist CAM, we could have some courts clean and back open by 8 AM and all of the courts completed by 11 AM.

Please let me know if you can help us out. Volunteers are needed by 6:30 AM. Please meet Craig in the Pickleball pavilion.