Pick – A – Lympics part 2

All:  Just to clarify, the 1st ever Pick – A – Lympics is on for tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28th from 11:00 – 3:00.  There is no need to pre-register, simply walk up to the pavilion, pay your $5, have your lunch and try your luck/skill on the courts.  We have enough food and drinks for 240 players, so don’t hesitate too long. We will run it as long as we have food and score sheets.   It should be a lot of fun and a nice way to finish off the winter season.
Looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

Don Madison update

I just wanted to update everyone on Don Madison’s pickleball injury. Don was playing at the courts this past Saturday morning and while going back for a deep lob, fell into the back fence. He sustained a spiral fracture of his right humerus bone and will be meeting with his surgeon this week. The quick response of our pickleball club members to call 911 and to ensure that Don was as comfortable as he could be was amazing to see. A special thank you goes out to Keith Darrow for taking the lead in Don’s care until the paramedics arrived on the scene.

I will update everyone further as I find out more information.

Please keep Don and Carolyn in your thoughts.



The Sun City Grand Pickleball Clubs first PICK-A-LYMPICS is happening this Wednesday, March 28th starting at 1100 with lunch and registration.  The cost is $5 for the lunch and event.  The event and lunch will run until 3:00 PM.

We all know the value of drills to improve our pickleball skills.  However, many people don’t choose to drill because they find them boring, or just prefer to play games.  Making drills fun helps people to not only improve their skills but to add enjoyment, fun, and challenges to motivate them to practice more often.

In our Pick-A-Lympics, every participant will be provided an individual score sheet.  They will take their score sheet from station to station as they rotate through the drills.  At the end of the Pick-A-Lympics, we will be awarding prizes and medals to the top finishers in each of the 4 divisions (men’s novice – 3.0, men’s 3.5+, women’s novice – 3.0, women’s 3.5+).

All participants will start on court 1 and move in order to courts 5,6,2,3,7,11,12,8 and will be finishing on court 4.  Your score sheet will be given to a volunteer to be entered into the system.
Lunch will be a choice of a Cheeseburger or Hot Dog, chips, and a bottle of water.
Skills will be

  • Pinpoint serve
  • Distance master
  • 3rd shot drop
  • 3rd shot lob
  • Serve, return, drive
  • Lob retriever
  • Boost your backhand
  • Deep return
  • Drop it like it’s hot
  • criss-cross

This should be a very fun time to end the season on a great note and a chance to say goodbye to the heat chickens. Please let me know if there are any questions


Pickleball ball distribution volunteers

Dianne Andres is in need of some volunteers to help with the pickleball ball distribution.  This is a two-week commitment for approximately

15 minutes each day.   You will receive a monitor credit for doing this work.
The dates needed are:
  • May 16-31
  • October 16-31
  • November 16-30
  • December 16-31
  • If you can help out during these periods, please contact Dianne at her email.  (roster username and password required)


We need club members to sign up to be monitors on the weekends. There are a lot of open Saturday’s and Sunday’s during March and most of April. We have to have a monitor on the courts during drop-in times. Please go on our club website and volunteer today.


A couple of things

There are a couple of items that I want to bring up.

  1. I found a pink and blue Topp Reacher paddle on court 13’s fence the other day.  I have it.  Please contact me to pick it up.
  2. There are a lot of rumors going around about Mike McDonald.  He did not get fired from the Pickleball board.  He stopped me after the last membership meeting and told me that his last day of being the club treasurer would be March 31, 2018.  This came as a total surprise to everyone. Mike is still a club member, but he chooses to no longer be on the board.  Mike did a great job handling all of the club’s financials during his 3 months.  Betty Ponto ( a former club treasurer) has agreed to take over for Mike.  In addition, Carol Weber will be assisting Betty with her job.  A big Thank You to both ladies for stepping up when needed.
  3. Lastly, I am around the courts most days and would love to talk to everyone.  When I am playing a game, and you are standing outside of my court, making loud comments about a perceived issue, until I ask if there is a problem, is probably not the best way to discuss it.  Yelling and swearing at individuals on the courts is never going to be tolerated or accepted. We want to keep the courts a place where friends and family can have a good time and enjoy the sport of Pickleball.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

Reminder: Nominations due for Volunteer of the Quarter

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT  VOLUNTEERS NAMES IS THIS FRIDAY, March 23rd, 2018.  So far we only have four (4) people that have been submitted for consideration for the 2nd Quarter Volunteer Appreciation 2018.    We know there  so many more volunteers that support the Club and ensure our success.  Please submit your recommendations before Friday, March 23, 2018.  Who is that special person that has made a difference …that you would like to say “Thank You” for all you do.

The Volunteer Award Criteria and the Form is available here to submit candidates.  Please email  the forms to Colleen Grimes (email here),  or Linda Durkee (email here).  You must fill out the form and save it to your computer before sending it, otherwise it will be received blank.

Again, the deadline for submission is March 23, 2018.

End of season get together

The Monday and Thursday ball machine skill development groups are having a pot luck get-together to celebrate the end of their season.
Please join Victor, Garth and the many others who volunteered their time and energy, to help others develop better pickleball skills.

  • Monday, March 26th for the novice, beginner group.  Starting at noon
  • Thursday, March 29th for the advanced group. Starting at noon

This is for all club members that have participated in the ball machine skill development drop-ins during the season as well as any instructors.

The group will gather under the Pavilion.

Please bring a dish to pass

The courts will be available for round-robin play.

I Hope to see everyone out there

Please let me know if there are any questions.