Note: Effective May 1, 2007, all Sun City Grand clubs were required to replace their existing bylaws with the following bylaws. See Standing Rules and Operating Procedures for information specific to the Grand Pickleball Club.

Sun City Grand

Charter Club Bylaws


Section A.     Name of Club:  GRAND PICKLEBALL CLUB

Section B.     Purpose of Club:  To Promote the Sport of Pickleball

Section C.     These bylaws willfully comply with the Sun City Grand Community Association’s (SCGCA) bylaws, and club rules, regulations and procedures.  In the event of a conflict between these club bylaws, the governing documents of the SCGCA shall prevail.  Anything not stated in the bylaws shall be referred to Roberts Rules for parliamentary rule.

Section D.     This club shall be operated as a Non-Profit Organization in accordance with Arizona statutes, and the bylaws of the SCGCA.  Nonprofit is defined as: With few exceptions, club income should not greatly exceed expenses (operating expenses and capital requirements) resulting in a net operating gain.  Where revenues do exceed expenses, the net gain should be used to foster continued club growth and activity.  Club dues may be adjusted to comply, or the excess may be donated to the Association Facility Reserve Fund.  The Activities Director must approve any other donations.


Section A.     Membership shall be open to all members in good standing of the SCGCA.

Section B.     There shall be no precondition for membership, nor will members be required to join any national, state, or regionally affiliated organizations other than the mandatory handicap requirements.  Affiliation to other organizations may be required for various competitive reasons.

Section C.     Guest Privileges: The guest privileges set forth in the Sun City Grand Charter Club Rules and Regulations shall govern guest privileges for this club.

Section D.     Dues: Annual dues in an amount recommended by the Club Executive Board and approved by membership vote are payable in advance.  Timely payment of dues by each member shall be required for membership in good standing.


Section A.     Executive Board: There shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or (Secretary /Treasurer, (Optional) Immediate Past President, (Optional) and as many Elected Directors needed for member representation.  The Club Board may appoint members to fill an unexpired term.  Please refer to Section 4.2. (see below)  The General Club Membership must elect all voting Club Board Members, except those members who are appointed.  Refer to Section 4.2. (see below)  The Club Executive Board may be assisted by the chairperson of such committees as may be established by the Club Executive Board to carry out the club’s function and purposes.

Section B.     Election: All officers and directors shall be elected by a majority vote of those present at an annual membership meeting once a quorum has been established, and shall serve without compensation.

Section C.     Term of Office: All Officers and Directors are elected for either a one (1) or two (2) year term and can succeed themselves provided they receive a majority vote of those in attendance at the election.  Staggered terms are recommended for continuity.  The term of office shall begin at the discretion of the Club Executive Board.

Section D.     Duties and Responsibilities:

President: Shall preside over all club meetings and be accountable for the administration of club business.  The Club President shall carry out the direction and policies established by the Club Executive Board.  The Club President shall act as principle liaison between the club and the Association, and shall appoint members of all committees that have been authorized by the club board, and shall also appoint the chairpersons of such committees. In the event of vacancies on the Club Executive Board, the Club President shall appoint, with Club Executive Board approval, interim replacement Club Executive Board Members to finish out the term until official elections can be held.  The Club President shall ensure that all club Officers and Directors read and understand the Association Charter Club Rules, Regulations, and Procedures.

Vice-President:  Shall perform all duties of the Club President in the event of the Club President’s absence or inability to perform and shall also perform other such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned, with Club Executive Board approval, from time to time by the Club President.

Secretary:  Shall keep the club records, issue notices of all meetings of the Club Executive Board or General Membership, shall keep minutes thereof, conduct all correspondence relating to the club’s business, and furnish whatever reports to the Association or other persons or organizations as may be required.

Treasurer:  Shall receive and deposit all monies due to the club and pay all obligations that may be incurred by the club in the regular course of its business, shall keep an up-to-date ledger of all financial transactions and provide financial reports as may be required at all meetings of the Club Executive Board or General Membership.  Prepare and submit Year End Reports as instructed by the Activities Director/Controller and maintain previous years’ financial records.

Section E.     Board Members: The officers of the club specified above, plus (optional) Immediate Past President, and Directors, shall serve as members of the Club Executive Board.  The Club Executive Board shall have overall governing authority over the club consistent with the provisions of these bylaws and shall establish all committees necessary to carry out the purposes and objectives of the club.

Section F.     Election of Officers and Board Members QUORUM – A minimum of 20 members in good standing (depending on size of club, higher levels of attendance can be documented in the club’s Operating Procedures) excluding the Club Executive Board must be present and eligible to vote at any election specified in these bylaws.  If more than one member is nominated for any elective position, voting shall be by secret written ballot.  The Club Executive Board shall determine the particular procedures for nominations and elections to be followed at such meetings.  Should these vacancies not be filled at the General Meeting, the Club Executive Board shall fill the vacancies as it sees fit. See Chapter 4, 4.2  Elections/Appointments of the Sun City Grand Charter Club Rules & Regulations for detailed information. (see below)


Section A.     Meetings of the Members: Membership meetings shall be held not less than twice annually, the time and place of such meetings to be determined by the Club Executive Board.  The Club President shall preside at all such meetings and Robert’s Rules of Order – Newly Revised shall be followed.  A minimum of 20 members eligible to vote excluding the Officers and Directors shall be necessary to conduct any business of the club at the General Membership meetings, and except as otherwise specified in these bylaws a simple majority vote of the membership present shall be sufficient to conduct any business requiring the vote of the membership.

Section B.     Meetings of the Officers and the Board: The Club President may call meetings of the Club Executive Board at any time by giving notice orally, in writing, or email.  The President shall determine the time and place of such meeting.  A majority of the Club Executive Board Members shall constitute a quorum of the Club Executive Board and therefore, may conduct any business brought before the Club Executive Board at such meetings.


Section A.     Maintenance of Financial Records: Financial records and related documentation must be kept for the 7 previous years and the current year, and shall be maintained by the Treasurer.  See Charter Club Rules & Regulations for more details.

Section B.     Expenditures: Unbudgeted single expenditures not to exceed $500.00 must be approved by the Club Executive Board in its discretion. Unbudgeted single expenditures in excess of $500.00 must be approved by a majority vote of those present at a general membership meeting.

Section C.     Reimbursements: Signators are encouraged to request reimbursement for their own expenditures from a second signator.

Section D.     Financial Records: Qualified persons or organizations, at the discretion of the Club Executive Board, club members, or the Activities Director, may audit the club’s financial records.

Section E.     Annual Budget, Cash, and Inventory of Club Assets: The Club Executive Board shall prepare an annual budget to be presented to the General Membership at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.  The club shall maintain such checking and/or savings bank accounts approved by the SCGCA as may be necessary in the opinion of the Club Executive Board to properly conduct the club’s business.  All cash receipts shall be deposited in one or more of said accounts.  All expenditures over a $10 maximum made by the club or any member on behalf of the club must be made by check only.  The club may maintain a Petty Cash Fund not to exceed $50 and allow disbursements from this fund for receipted incidental expenses not to exceed $10 each disbursement; cash float funds are permitted not to exceed $50.  The Treasurer shall keep appropriate receipts and invoices covering all such transactions as part of the club’s financial records.  The Club Executive Board shall designate not less than two Club Executive Board Members as persons authorized to sign checks drawn of the club’s bank account(s) preferably the Treasurer and the Club President.  All assets of the club shall be physically inventoried at least once annually and the Treasurer thereof shall maintain a written record.


Section A.     Appointment: All committees, including standing committees, and the Chairmen thereof, shall be appointed by the Club President with Club Executive Board approval.  All committees shall have written mission statements assigned prior to the committee appointments.


Section A.     Individual clubs are not permitted to amend this document; however, requests for changes may be submitted to the Activities Director for review.


Section A.     This Club may not be dissolved until all of its outstanding debts have been paid; upon dissolution, all assets and all property of the Club shall be surrendered to the Association in accordance with the Chartered Club Rules, Regulations & Procedures.


Original Signed by Rob Gartlan                           04/14/09            Original Signed by Carol Tripp                             04/14/09

Club President                                             Date                Club Vice President                                    Date

Original Signed by Jeanne Harteau                      04/14/09            Original Signed by George Cox                           04/14/09

Club Secretary                                             Date                Club Treasurer                                             Date


Original Signed                                                                          Original Signed                                                             

Sun City Grand                                            Date                Sun City Grand                                            Date

Community Association                                                     Community Association

Activities Director                                                                 Executive Director


Chapter 4, Section 4.2

Nomination & Election Process

Election/Appointment of Officers: At a minimum, clubs must have a president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer.  The initial Club Executive Board is appointed and later approved at an organizational meeting.  The club board must be elected by a majority vote of those present at the Club’s Annual Meeting or by exception as approved by the Activities Director, i.e., mail-in ballot or email ballot.  However, if appointed to fill a vacancy, the appointee must be confirmed by a majority vote of the club Board.  All members of the Club Executive Board must be elected by the membership.

A.  As new officers are elected or appointed, clubs will complete form CC-5, and forward it to the Activities Office within 14 business days after election or appointment.

B.  Election Committee Structure

1.   Appointed by the Club Executive Board.

2.   Consist of a minimum of 3 members including chairperson.

3.   Cannot be a member of the current Club Executive Board or a candidate for an open Club Board position.

4.   Must be a member in good standing of the club.

C.  Election Committee Responsibilities

1.   Responsible for the complete election process.

2.   Responsible for obtaining at least one candidate for each office (written notification of the need for candidates must be made at least 45 days in advance of election to the membership) and a list submitted to Club Board of Directors for publication to the General Membership 30 days prior to election.

3.   Candidates must submit names in writing to the Election Committee.  Nominations made to the Election Committee must be confirmed in writing with the nominee prior to adding to the ballot.  Deadline to be established by the Election Committee.

4.   All candidates will run for designated Club Board positions (e.g., President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Officers and Directors).

D.  Accepted Method of Voting

1.   Written Ballot

a.   Election Committee will create a ballot. It must contain all candidate names and office.

b.   All ballots must be number controlled.

c.   Hand out to the membership at the Election Meeting or other method as approved by the Activities Director.

E.  Election Process – The Election Committee has the following responsibilities:

1.   Present a listing, either written or read, at the General/Election Meeting.

2.   Pass out written ballots, collect completed ballots and count.

3.   Verify votes are from valid Club Members, one vote per member.

4.   Election Committee will announce results.

5.   The Election Committee will disband upon the completion of the election.

Note: The Activities Director must approve any deviation from this procedure.

      F.   Procedure for removal of Club Board members:

1.   Establish an objective investigative committee.

2.   Committee members’ recommendations will be submitted to Club Board and the Activities Director.

3.   If all agree there is justifiable reason for removal from office the remaining club board or Investigative Committee will appoint to fill open positions until such a time as an election can be implemented.