Monthly Court Cleaning and Monitors Shut Down

1) Courts closed for cleaning Wednesday August 2nd
2) Monitors shut off due to heat

1) On Wednesday August 2 the courts will be shut down for the scheduled monthly cleaning. I am asking everyone to not use the courts while maintenance is trying to clean them, they have complained that people are playing while they are cleaning and interfering with them as they try to wash all 22 courts. The courts are dirty and need to be cleaned, so let them do their job.

2) The TV monitors have been shut off for the summer due to the excessive heat, we are having issues with them which we believe could be related to the weather conditions. Sorry for the inconvenience but we need to preserve the equipment. This in no way effects the Holdmycourt reservation system, you can still access the system with your smart phone or computer.

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

Parking Lot Next to Courts Closed Due to Sealcoating

Effective immediately, the Cimarron parking lot closest to the Pickleball Courts is closed due to the new Asphalt Sealcoating that was laid down last night. This material has to cure for 2 days so this parking lot area will not open until Monday morning. The parking lot on the other side in front of Cimarron is open so you can park there and then walk over to the courts. Sorry for the late notice but the club was just notified this morning that this work was being done. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

Important Items

1) Courts closed for cleaning Thursday July 6th
2) 75+ group has been moved to 8 am on Saturdays

1) This is a reminder that on Thursday July 6 the courts will be closed for the monthly cleaning.

2) The 75+ group has been moved to 8 am on Saturdays on court #1.

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

SCG Pickleball Club Call for Candidates

Please send out blast concerning call for candidates, see attached.

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President


The Election Committee meet and has agreed an email should be sent to all Club Members, announcing: Call for 2018 Candidates .

The committee consists of: Dennis Raggi, Nikki Greene & Mel Langer

The Sun City Grand Pickleball Club is looking for Candidates for 2018 Club Officers positions

Positions open for candidates :
Club President
Club Vice President
Board Member (member at large) up to 3 positions available

This is your chance to help the Club continue providing a fun active sport event in SCG.

Please submit your inquires to: Committee chairman : Dennis Raggi,

Term of Office:

  1. All officers and directors are elected for one year.
  2. The term of the Board shall begin on January 1, and end on December 31. Subsequent terms shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


  1. President:
    1. Preside over club meetings.
    2. Responsible for administration of club business.
    3. Act as principle liaison between club and the association.
    4. Appoint all committees and chairpersons with board approval.
    5. In the event of board vacancies on the Executive Board, the President shall appoint, with Board approval, an interim replacement until official elections can be held.
    6. Assign duties to other Board members.
  2. Past President:
    1. Shall act as advisor for continuity from one administration to the next.
  3. Vice President:
    1. Shall perform duties of President in the event of the President’s absence.
    2. Shall perform other duties assigned by the President.
  4. Secretary:
    1. Maintain club records.
    2. Issue notices of meetings of the Executive Board or General Meeting.
    3. Keep minutes of meetings.
    4. Conduct all correspondence relating to club meeting.
    5. Furnish whatever reports to the association as may be required.
  5. Treasurer:
    1. Receive and deposit all funds due to the club.
    2. Paybills.
    3. Furnish financial reports to Executive Board, membership and association as required.
    4. Prepare and submit year end reports.
    5. Maintain the club roster.
    6. Work closely with name tag chairperson.
    7. Have good knowledge of bookkeeping procedures.
    8. Have ability to work with a spreadsheet.
    9. Have the ability to work with Money or Quicken for keeping the financial records.
  6. Elected Board Members at Large: one to three positions 
    1. Duties assigned by the President. 

Thank You

Dennis Raggi

Summer League Announcement

8-Week Summer League – The GPC is exploring the possible formation of a Summer League for any member who is interested in participating. The Summer League would run each Monday, for 8 weeks, at 7:00 AM from June 19 – August 14 (except July 5).

There would be one ladder containing all levels however after the initial week people will be seeded for courts based on results. Scores and percentages will be tracked for each participant. If you currently participate in a ladder your existing scores will be unaffected by summer play results. This also does not replace nor substitute or interfere with existing ladder play.

If you are interested in participating or would like additional information please contact Angie Robinson at or Pam Speer at by June 7.

If you are interested but not sure you can play every week we can work around that.
Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

Various Important Messages

1) Summer schedule starts May 1st
2) Court cleaning May 4th
3) Have a great summer

1) On Monday May 1 The Pickleball Club will start the summer schedule, the changes are as follows:

Play can start at 6 am
Drop in is from 8 am to 10 am, and there is no afternoon drop in.
Ladders will start at 8 am.
There will be 6 courts available (17 – 22 ) for reservations at 8 am.
All the evening mixers will start at 7 pm. The Tuesday night couples mixer will switch to a regular mixer like Sunday and Thursday.

2) The courts will be closed Thursday May 4 for the scheduled monthly court cleaning.

3) Everyone have a great summer and stay hydrated when playing. For all the snowbirds leaving us, we will hopefully see you all again in the fall.

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

Spring Sock Hop Updated with Caption

What’s in this email?

1) Sock Hop Success
2) Priority/Lost Wallet
3) Many thanks to the volunteers

1) Sock Hop Success:  This years sock hop was a great success with many in fabulous 50’s attire .  We had a great DJ, Lee Bradley, with a Hula Hoop and Willie and the Hand Jive contest and fun for all.  Please check out the great photo’s taken by our photographer Wayne Squires on the PB Website (under activities/photo’s/Spring Fling Sock Hop)  Here’s a direct link to the photos  If anyone would like higher resolution jpegs of the photo’s you can email Wayne Squires ( or Linda Durkee (

2) Priority/Lost Wallet:   A men’s tri-fold wallet was lost at the Sock Hop on March 3rd. We have checked with all the appropriate personnel and CAM staff but thought we would also ask any of you who attended the event.  If you have any information please email or call Deb Vauthier; or (623) 251-7562. 

We are sending this out for a couple reasons, #1 if for some reason it could have been picked up by someone by accident and/or put into your bag or jacket.    The second reason is to make everyone aware that at the end of any event to make a note or reminder to check to be sure you have everything before you leave.  Often times we put things on the floor or ladies purses fall open and keys etc. can fall out. 

3)  We want to acknowledge all the volunteers who made this event such a success. Thank you!

Thank you,
Linda Durkey