A few more things

Here are a few items of interest.

  1. A paddle is missing from the pickleball courts.  It is a Selkirk Epic model in a rust color.  If you have it, please let me know so that I can get it back to it’s owner.
  2. We will be holding a Line Judge Clinic on Tuesday October 23rd at 2 PM in the pickleball pavilion.  The Surprise Pickleball Club is hosting 6 tournaments in the next 6 months and have asked for our help.  The idea is to have line judge teams for each gold medal match.  Line judges will be paid $3 for each match.  The first tournament is the Monster Smash on October 26 – 29.    Please sign up for this clinic and learn how to be a proficient line judge.  Contact Bob Barczak at cany0n-b0b@cox.net to confirm your attendance or for any questions.  The clinic will consist of an overview of the line judge duties in the pavilion and on court 21.  Please bring your paddles to play as each of the line judge teams practice.
  3. Registration forms for Dink A Dilly II and A Soldiers Best Friend are now in each of  the breezeways.  Linda Durkee did a great job on fixing these boards up.

Drop In Time Change

Just a quick reminder that Drop In times have changed as of this morning.  Drop In goes from 9 – Noon daily.  There should be 2 monitors each morning and 1 in the afternoon.

Ladies Ladders starts tomorrow (Monday) and should be exciting to see.

Sign up for the Dink A Dilly II.  Registration forms will be available in the breezeways and bulletin boards at the courts tomorrow, as well as downloading them from our website. We had 225 players during Dink A Dilly I.  Let’s beat that number.



Board Positions:

Club President

Vice President



Board Member (3 members at large)

You may submit your name for any of the positions.  Several of the current board members have decided to run for a second term.  The positions that have not had any submissions are secretary and treasurer.

You need to submit your name to Nominating Committee by October 27, 2018

Mel Langer               mlanger1@cox.net

Nikki Greene            JDNMGreene@cox.net

Laura Darrow          lkdarrow80127@yahoo.comThis is a great way to learn how the board operates and interacts with the CAM board and other committees.  We look forward to adding your name to our list of candidates for the 2019 PB Board.  Thank You

This position is from January 1st to December 31st




The Club is asking for members with a medical background to volunteer for Club events that require medical oversight.  It is becoming a standard that Tournaments have medical personnel back-up on-site when people are playing pickleball.  We are asking members of the Club that are RN’s, MD’s, EMT’s, PAs’, LPN’s, CNA’s and members that are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED’s send their information to Colleen Grimes, RN at cgrimes01@cox.net or call her at: 757-215-6348

We need your phone number, e-mail and medical background information.   Members that sign up for the Medical Team and work a shift at a Club sponsored event will receive a monitor credit for their time.  Please help us ensure that people playing on our courts during Club events are supported and safe.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!



Just a quick reminder that there is a Pickleball Club members meeting TODAY at 3PM in the Agua Fria room in the Cimarron Center.

In addition, we will be presenting George Cox with the Volunteer of the Quarter Award.

I hope to see everyone there.


October Pickleball Club Meeting Agenda

Below is the agenda for our October monthly meeting held in the Agua Frea room in the Cimarron Center this Tuesday, October 9th at 3 PM.
Housekeeping rules
Volunteer of the Quarter Award –
First Aid brief – Colleen
Secretary’s Report:-
Treasurer’s Report: 
Committee’s Report: 
Old Business:

  • 2019 budget – update
  • 2019 Election – Election board – update – Linda Darrow
  • Chair cushions – update – Sheri Williams did a great job – still need 5 more.
  • Signage – No more paper signs
  • Ladder changes – ladies ladder
  • New balls – G2 and Pure 2
  • Court Maintenance – update
  • Holiday Party – December 6th – Linda Durkee update
  • Internal tournament – Nov 28-30 – update
  • Charity event – December 16th – update
  • Revised Standing rules and SOP –

New Business:

  • CPR training – AED and dummy – Nov 13 from 1-3 PM AF room
  • 2019 Pickleball Tournament (external) December 13-15. – update
  • ARC meeting – water bottle/ice machine update
  • Wind screens update
  • Basketball court update
  • PDP for mister system and opening of gates at courts 19, 20, 22- update
  • Newcomers coffee – Nov 5 from 8:30 AM – Volunteers needed
  • Fall Fest Table for Club – Nov 10 from 9 AM – 2 PM – need volunteers

Non-Agenda Items:

Meeting adjournment

I hope to see everyone there

ARC update on water bottle filler/ice machine

I wanted to keep everyone updated on where we are at with our PDP for a water bottle filler/ice machine to be installed in the breezeway of the Pickleball courts.

A little backstory first.  Craig Soublere wrote up the proposal and submitted it to the CAM offices in July.  It was submitted before the deadline, but was not put on the agenda for the August LAC meeting.  We did present it to the September LAC committee and it was passed unanimously and forwarded to the ARC for their review.

Forward to October 5th.  We were supposed to be on the agenda for yesterdays ARC meeting, but was told at the meeting by Bob Aiken, that our PDP was misplaced.  He stated that he would try and get us on, if he could.  Myself and 7 other club members sat through the over 2 hour meeting and were then told “Sorry, we couldn’t get you in”.

We will hopefully be on the November 2nd ARC agenda.

To say that Craig and I are frustrated with the way the process works here in Sun City Grand would be an understatement.

Craig has sent an email to the Board of Directors requesting an investigation into why our club’s requests keep getting misplaced.

More to follow as we hear back from the BOD.


Dink A Dilly II Registration

The club event will be on November 28-30, 2018.  This is an event where your partner will be picked for you on November 16th.  The flyer has all of the info needed.  Please contact me or Marlene Berwald with any questions or concerns.  Registration forms will be available at the courts in the breezeway, on the bulletin boards, or you can download and print one from our website.


ARC Meeting

The club will be presenting our proposal for a water bottle filler/ice machine to the ARC committee this Friday, October 5th at 9:30 AM at the Palm Center in the Mediterranean room.  If you have the time and want to support your club, please show up.


PB Holiday Party SOLD OUT

Thank you for responding to the previous email blasts regarding limited seats remaining but – The Holiday Party is SOLD OUT.   Please do not send any more email requests to Linda Durkee.  Linda will be getting back to those who have submitted recent email requests and let you know whether you have reservations or if you are on a waiting list.