AED Training and ARC Meeting

I want to report out on the upcoming AED training and the results from the ARC meeting today.

  • I just found out from CAM that they can only train 12 people at a time on the AED and First Aid and that there is a $7 cost per person.  Both of these were unexpected and I have cancelled the training.  I will ask Mel Langer to contact St Lukes to see if they can provide us with the training sometime in the near future.
  • This morning, Craig and I presented our PDP for the water bottle filler/ice machine to the ARC committee.  I really appreciated the 10 club members who showed up to support us. During the presentation, one of the committee members (David Jordan) made some disparaging and insulting comments to me about the entire Pickleball club, which I did not appreciate and let Mr. Jordan know exactly how I felt.  In addition, I have emailed the President of the Board of Directors about the incident and David Jordan’s rude and bullying tactics.  Despite Mr. Jordan’s behavior towards our club, the ARC voted unanimously to forward the PDP to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • I would really love to see the seats filled at the BOD meeting next Thursday, November 8th at 1PM in the Sonoran Plaza.  We need to make our presence known to the BOD.


Club Info

2 things.

First, Laura Fenton Kovanda lost a pair of reading glasses on court 2 on Monday.  If you have them or know where they are, please let me know.

Second.  We are presenting our PDP for the ice machine/water bottle filler to the ARC board this Friday, November 2nd at 9:30 AM in the Mediterranean room at the Palm Center and would love to see our club members there to show their support.


Message to the Club

Good Morning Club Members:

I would like to take this opportunity to dispel a few rumors and to clear up a few misunderstandings that have been floating around the courts this week concerning the minor changes to the evening mixers.

This summer, the club undertook a number of mundane housekeeping tasks such as updating the club’s Standing Rules and Operating Procedures which were very outdated and not currently in compliance with CAM requirements.  In reviewing our documents along with the current court schedule, it became clear that there was an inequitable distribution of pre-scheduled court time.  One issue that came to our attention was that there were two evenings of 2.5 skill-level mixer (Wednesday and Friday) and two evenings of 3.0 skill-level mixer (Sunday and Thursday).  There was no 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 or 5.0 mixer.  The second issue was that one of those mixers was being run from a private email distribution list which is against club policy unless those folks are reserving courts in their own names.

Therefore, to correct this inequality in club-sponsored pre-scheduled time, minor changes were made to the mixer schedule.  Those minor changes consisted of:

  • Removing the skill-level definitions from all mixers.  Since all mixers are open to any and all club members in good standing, the skill-level definitions needed to be removed to be fair to all players.  In addition, since the heat of summer is over, and we are able to play throughout the day, the Skill-level Drop-in sessions have resumed.  As you know from last week’s email, we have pre-scheduled court time allotted for 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5+ skill-levels each week.  Therefore, skill-level definitions for evening events was a duplication and not necessary.
  • Renaming the mixers so that there was a better understanding for all club members when choosing which mixer they would like to play in.
  • Creating a once-per-week mixer for New Players only.  This mixer was created so that folks who are new to pickleball and who need a little extra help with rules, how to play the game, how the club works, and meeting friends to play with have pre-scheduled courts and monitors who are willing to assist.  This mixer is designed for new players to play in several times and then move on and up to other events.

You all know the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?  Well, the mixer system was broke and it needed fixing.  I hope this clears up some of the misunderstandings that have been floating around.  The pickleball board of directors made these changes to be more inclusive to all members.


Monster Smash Help

I have been asked to send out an email blast to request help for the Monster Smash tournament being held on the Surprise courts.  This is for the Monday scheduled matches.

There is a women looking for a male 3.5 partner in the 50+ age level.  Her current partner had to back out of the Monday matches.  The tournament fees have already been paid, so they just need a person to play.  If you are interested, please contact Laura Fenton Kovanda at or call her cell at 702-468-6337.

They need to have someone by noon tomorrow for scheduling purposes.


Court Happenings #5

Last email.  For now.

  • We are having another First Aid training before the club meeting November 13 from 1-3PM in the Agua Fria room in the Cimarron Center. This training will focus on AED training.  There will be 16 AED units to train on and practice.  In addition, there will be dummy’s available to practice compression CPR.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending.  We had 36 people in the earlier training.

  • Dink A Dilly II is coming up fast on November 28-30.  Cost is $20.  Registration forms can be found in each breezeway.  Please sign up early.
  • Play with a Pro happens on December 16 from noon – 5 PM.  We have 11 pro’s so far,  ready to partner up with a club member.  This is your chance to play with Pro’s like Dave Weinbach, Laura Fenton Kovanda, Gigi LeMaster, Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg and many others with all donations going to A Soldiers Best Friend.  Food and raffles will be offered.
  • Registration forms can be found in the breezeways.

I hope to see everyone out there to support the club and great causes.


Court Happenings #4

We are going to try something that Laura Fenton Kovanda has been doing at the Surprise courts this summer.  We call it Thursday Night Lights and it will happen on November 15 from 6-9PM.  You sign up as an individual in your skill level and you will be partnered with three other same skill players to form a 4 person team.  You will play against other teams in your skill division with every player on your team.  Prizes will go to the winning teams in each skill level.

It’s a great way to play pickleball as a team.

Cost is $10 and it gets you play and Pizza.

Please contact Laura with any questions and to sign up at

Susan and I played in it this summer and it was a great way to meet new people and was a lot of fun.


Court Happenings #3

With the start of the Pickleball tournament season this week, I wanted to send out a list of clinics that are going to be held in Grand over the next two months.  These clinics can really help you take your game to a new level.  The November Clinics will be taught by Grands own Pickleball Pro, Laura Fenton Kovanda.

  • Novice – 3.0 clinic – November 13, 15, and 17 from 10:30 – noon.  Cost is $35 per clinic or $95 for the series.
  • 3.5 – November 14, 16, and 19 from 11 AM – 1PM.  Cost is $40 per clinic or $110 for the series.
  • 4.0 + – November 14, 16, and 19 from 1PM – 3PM.  Cost is $40 per clinic or $110 for the series.
  • Each clinic will go over different skills, techniques, and strategies.
  • Please contact Laura to sign up or if there are any questions at

In December, Dave Weinbach will be holding clinics in Grand.  Dave is one of the top Pro’s in the country and learned to play the game right here in Grand.

  • Novice – 3.0 clinic – December 12 and 23 from 10 AM – Noon.  Cost is $40 per clinic
  • 3.5 + clinic – December 12 and 23 from 1 PM – 3PM.  Cost is $40 per clinic.
  • Craig Soubliere will be the point of contact for these clinics and you can email him at

Both Laura and Dave are available to do group and private lessons.

Flyers will be coming out soon.


Court Happenings #2

Today our PDP for having a water bottle filler/ice machine was in front of the Board of Directors during their workshop.  From here it will go to the ARC committee next Friday, November 2, at 9:30 AM in the Mediterranean room at the Palm Center.  If it is forwarded, it will be put in front of the Board of Directors for a vote on November 8 at 1 PM in the Sonoran Center.  If today is any indication, we need to have a show of strength at each of these meetings.

A former Board of Director made a statement to the Board that it was a frivolous waste of money to put this machine at the Pickleball courts.  I explained that the machine was less about club members comfort and more about members health and safety.  During June, July and August, we had over 100 members on the courts each day and had a couple of incidents of heat exhaustion.  One required the FD to be called.  Having ice and water close by could potentially save lives.

If you are available on both of these days, it would be great to have your support.


Court Happenings #1 Grand Pickle

I will be sending out a series of emails tonight and tomorrow about upcoming events/happenings on and off of the courts in the next few weeks.  This is #1.

Our club website is not set up for members to post on, but we have access to a Facebook page called The Grand Pickle that we can use to post items of interest to all of the other club members and, with the local pickleball tournament season about to start tomorrow, members could post their medal winning photos and any other pickleball related photos or comments.  The Grand Pickle was started several years ago by some club members and if you aren’t already a member, just request to join and you will be approved.

This page is a great way for the club to interact about happenings in our area.

I hope everyone joins the page.


Various Important Items

Just a quick reminder of a few things:

  1. SOP’s:  Don’t forget that recent changes were made to the Pickleball Club’s Standing Rules and Operating Procedures.  No major substantive changes were made; it was simply updated to reflect the current procedures followed by the club.  You can review that updated document here:
  2. Skill-Level Drop-In Sessions:   The fall schedule is currently underway.  One item of note is that now that the weather has cooled off, we can play pickleball in the middle of the day.  That means that the skill-level drop-in sessions have resumed.  The schedule for the skill-level drop- in sessions is as follows:
    • Monday:  3.0 (formerly “C”)
    • Tuesday:  2.5 (formerly “Novice”)
    • Wednesday: 4.0 (formerly “A”)
    • Thursday: 3.5 (formerly “B”)
    • Friday:  4.5 and above (formerly “Open”)
      **All skill-level drop-in sessions run from noon to 2:00 p.m.  Please check the court reservation system for court assignments.
  3. Evening Mixers:  Since the skill-level drop in sessions have started, the evening mixer skill designations have been dropped and the schedule tweaked.  The evening mixer schedule and definitions is as follows:
    • Sunday:  Round Robin Mixer (This mixer is open to any club member of any skill level)
    • Monday:  Singles Mixer (This mixer is designed for unpartnered persons to socialize with other unpartnered persons.)
    • Tuesday:  Mixed Doubles (This mixer is designed for a man and a woman to play as partners)
    • Wednesday:  New Player Mixer (This mixer is designed for new members to the game who may need a little extra help from the monitor on how to play, rules, etc.)
    • Thursday:  Pot Luck Mixer (This mixer has a once per month pot luck meal – see the monitor for details)
    • Friday:  Round Robin Mixer (This mixer is open to any club member of any skill level)
      **All Mixers run from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  No evening Mixer requires advance sign up, nor do you have to join a specific mixer to play.  Simply come to the courts 15 minutes early, sign in with the monitor and have fun!  Mixers are assigned a maximum of 11 courts for play, so the first 44 people who sign up are guaranteed to play.
  4. Also please note: Skill drop in is a group of like skill level players playing a round robin style of games.  We will be having drill lessons coming up in November