All Clubs in Sun City Grand are required to have monitors at Club events and Club Members agree to fulfill this requirement as a condition of membership. Monitor slots may be difficult to get the last months of the year, so sign up early.

Members are responsible for verifying that they have received monitor credit. Allow 2 weeks for posting the credit; then check the Roster. Under the “Comment” block, you should see Monitor (1). [If you have received multiple credits, it will be a larger number.] If you have not received the credit you earned, notify the person in charge of the activity that you monitored.

Members should familiarize themselves with the following documents relating to this requirement. Click on these links:

Member Monitor Requirement Policy

Sign-up Instructions Use these instructions for sign ups until December 31, 2018 ONLY!

Monitor Procedures

In Case of Emergency

To access the Monitor Calendar, click on one of the following links:

Monitor Signup Calendar Use this calendar for sign ups until December 31, 2018 ONLY!

New Monitor Signup Calendar and Instructions Use this calendar for sign ups AFTER December 31, 2018 ONLY!