Check your reservations and new board members

What’s in this email?

1) Check your reservations
2) 2016 Club Officers and Board members.
1) Check your reservations.  Our website vendor has acknowledged a problem with databases affecting a large number of their customers.  The problem should be limited to the last few days.  We have found evidence of missing data in the roster area and ladders.  We don’t know if reservations could be impacted but we suggest if you made or modified a reservation in the last few days you check to be sure it is as you expected it. 

2) 2016 Club Officers and Board members are as follows:

  • Steve Berwald, President
  • Bill Murphy, Vice President
  • Lynn Evangelist, Treasurer
  • Carol Willoughby, Secretary
  • Paul Reiss, Member at Large
  • Peter Hladek, Member at Large
  • Janice Roberts, Member at Large

Dennis Raggi
SCG Pickleball President

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