Further updates on the clubs homeless project

Let me start by saying that I’m blown away by the numerous responses in less than 12 hours since I sent out the first email blast.  There have been a lot of good suggestions given as well.

We are planning to get backpacks to put all of the items into(being taken care of).  I’m listing the items that we are looking to be donated or made.

  1. Blankets
  2. socks
  3. travel toiletries
  4. Starkist tuna/chicken creations
  5. Hunts Snack pack Puddings
  6. Libby’s Vienna Sausages with the pop top
  7. Hats, scarves, masks ( another club and some pickleball club members are making some, but we will take all that we can get)

If you have donations, please deliver them to my house at 19932 N Canyon Whisper Dr
A lot of people volunteered to help pack and distribute the bags and when the time gets closer, I will send out another email blast for help with both events
I really appreciate everyone’s help and suggestions with this Christmas project.  

This past weekend, my wife, Susan asked me what I wanted for Christmas?  I really don’t want or need anything, but as I was driving around Surprise, I really took notice of the number of homeless on the street and I thought, that’s what I want for Christmas. I want us to make up some kind of gift bag for them and distribute them during the week of Christmas. After talking with Susan, others and the pickleball board, we decided to see if club members might want to help the project out.

We are looking for volunteers to knit hats and scarves, gather/donate socks and other tasks. We plan on putting the following in each bag:

  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Pair of socks
  • Christmas card with $5 gift card
  • Maybe a blanket
  • Non perishable food such as tuna, sausages, puddings, individual pb&j, sanitizer, and any other suggestions that club members may have.

The goal is to make up 100 or more bags.

We are looking for ideas, volunteers and donations.

You can go on the club’s website and read more and donate online using a credit card or drop off a check in our mailbox in the pavilion.

Please email me if you want to help bring some Christmas cheer to someone less fortunate
  Stay Safe