Team Shootout

Team Shootout

April 17, 2023

Mixed Ladders has morphed into Team Shootout

Would you like to spend time playing with your spouse, or playing with your mixed doubles partner, or just someone you enjoy playing with? If so, then the “Team Shootout” Sub-club will give you that opportunity.  It’s a just-for-fun, competitive ladder event.

This is a Find-Your-Own-Partner event.   A Team = two players with at least one being female. (If you want to play but can’t find a partner – we will try to help.) More details will be available when you join the Team Shootout Sub-Club.

Games will be Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30, Scheduled to start February 13.
Find a partner, sign-up on Pickleball Den and join the fun.


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