Welcome to the Pickleball Club

To view current events go to the Calendar of Events at: https://grandpickleball.org/calendar-of-events/. You can also check the Court Reservation program for current event information at: https://holdmycourt.com/reserve2/index.php?dir=gpc.

Thank you for joining.  Here is some important information about your membership and the Club that you may find helpful.

Name Badge:  Your name badge will be ordered and delivered to the Pavilion next to court #1, on the top shelf of the stainless steel storage shelf located behind the large countertop, in a plastic container labeled “Name Badges”, within 5 to 10 business days.  All members are required to wear their name badge during all club sponsored events.  The court monitor can issue a temporary name badge for new members until their permanent badge arrives. Please remember to pick-up your badge.

Renters – Special Rules:  If you are a renter, your CAM card (Activities card) has an expiration date on the front of the card.  A PB Club member must be a Sun City Grand resident, so when your lease expires, your membership is suspended until you return.  If you renew your lease or if you lease again in SCG during the membership year, your membership will be reinstated for that year. To reinstate your membership you must complete the “Roster Update Request Form” located on the clubs website, under the “Membership” tab.         

Web Site:  The club maintains a website at http://www.grandpickleball.org.  The website is updated regularly and is used to communicate with members. The club roster of all members is available on the website and is password protected to protect the privacy of member information.  The roster is updated regularly and may be printed if desired.  Please check your personal information for accuracy and edit if needed.  To edit, click the “edit” button that is on the same line as your name and enter the first 4 digits of your CAM membership number at the prompt.  The roster can be found under the “Membership” tab at http://grandpickleball.org/roster/.  Contact the Membership Chair for the username and password at: scgpickleball@gmail.com

Club Meetings:  Club meeting announcements will be emailed to all members.

Court Reservations:  Court times that are not set aside for Drop-In or other club functions may be reserved by any resident of SCG.  Residents may reserve 1 court for up to 2 consecutive hours per day.  You may reserve courts 7 days in advance online at https://holdmycourt.com/reserve2/index.php?dir=gpc.  Instructions for court reservations are located at:  https://grandpickleball.org/reservation-instructions-2/. Court reservations are displayed on the TV monitors in the pavilion and in each breezeway.  You can reserve a court or delete a reservation using a smart cell phone.  If you are not on your reserved court by 10 minutes after the hour, the court is no longer reserved and can be used by other players. Players unable to keep their reserved court must cancel their reservation.

Paddles: Some paddles are banned from use on our courts due to excessive noise.  Check our website at http://pball.grandpickleball.org/paddlerule.pdf  for a current list of acceptable paddles (Green Zone).  Green Zone paddles are the only paddles approved for use on SCG PB Courts.  Paddles are also available for checkout at the Cimarron Center Activities Desk.

Balls: Balls are provided by the club for member use on the SCG courts, and are paid for by the SCG Pickleball Club. Due to noise concerns, only balls provided by the club may be used.  Please do not remove the balls from the courts.

Safety: There is a red emergency phone box on the outside wall of the restroom building that connects directly to 911.  Additional information about safety procedures is on the bulletin board close to the phone and on the web site at https://grandpickleball.org/in-case-of-emergency/.  

Court Etiquette:  Do not enter courts while play is in progress.  Be sure to use the gates closest to the court you want to play on.  Do not disrupt play by walking through multiple courts.  Pick up all balls and return them to the ball holders when you complete play.

Court Monitors:  The club is required to have a court monitor for all club activities.   All members are required to sign up as a court monitor once per year or by volunteering for a club special event.  Go to the Monitor page at http://grandpickleball.org/monitoring/ for more information on the requirement and the sign up process.

Club Events:

Drop-in sessions:  Drop-in times are times in which members may drop in, without reservations, and play with other members that drop in at that same time.  The time of play will be adjusted with the seasons to a time of day when the temperatures are the most comfortable.  Check the “Calendar of Events” on the website for current times at: http://grandpickleball.org/calendar-of-events/. Drop-in procedures are posted on the bulletin board and on the website at: http://grandpickleball.org/drop-in-procedure/

“Depending on the season and the availability of volunteers, the club offers a variety of activities. Some of these are listed below.” Check the Calendar of Events and the Reservation program for current active activities.

Mixers:  The club hosts various Mixer sessions in the evenings.   Mixer games are a round-robin type of play where members play six games (to 11 points).  After each game members play with and against new players.  Records are not kept of winners/losers/or points scored.  These events are casual competition with a strong social aspect so that club members can meet new people and form new friendships.  Note: There are a pre-determined number of courts allotted to each mixer.  You must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of a Mixer event in order to sign-in and be included in the rotation.  The current Mixer events are on the Calendar of Events and on the Reservation page on our website.

Introductory Lessons:  Introductory lessons are available for members and all Sun City Grand residents in good standing. Pickleball introductory lessons take approximately two hours. The basics of Pickleball will be taught including the rules, scoring, court position, and general strategy. The players will first learn the basics and then be divided up into groups of 4 and play with an experienced teacher watching and coaching throughout the playing time. The lessons are limited to 20 players per session. Signup and more information can be found at https://grandpickleball.org/introductory-lessons-for-scg-residents/.  You can prepare for your lesson by becoming familiar with the rules of Pickleball http://grandpickleball.org/rules/

Skill Level Drop-in sessions:  Skill level drop-in sessions are designed so that club members can play with other players of their own skill level.  Skill level drop-in sessions are NOT a training forum for lesser skilled players to “play up”.

Doubles Ladders: The ladder program is a competition designed to have a time each week when members can play others of a similar skill level where your score is kept week-to-week and you move up or down the “ladder” accordingly.   You must join the ladder to participate, but you do not need a partner.  Your partners are determined by your place in the ladder line-up.  Information about ladders is on the website at http://grandpickleball.org/pickleball-doubles-ladder/.

The schedule changes with the seasons, so please check the “Calendar of Events” at http://grandpickleball.org/calendar-of-events/


See you on the courts,

Troy Konz, President, Grand Pickleball Club

George Cox, Membership Chair, Grand Pickleball Club