Notification from the election committee and procedure for same-day reservation

1) Election Committee notification received by Pickleball Club
2) Procedure for same day reservations at the courts

1) I have been notified by the Election Committee that an email from a Pickleball Club member is being sent around to other members concerning the upcoming Board elections, doing this is strictly against the election policy for the Board of Directors. I am asking that this email not continue to be sent around to members or non-members because there can be repercussions to the club if it continues with up to and including the removal of the charter club from Association participation. The Board of Directors also has the authority to suspend the club for a set period of time. The policy states: “Neighborhood Representatives and alternates, charter clubs, community and specialty groups, support groups, or interest groups shall not use their email listings or websites to express any opinion regarding any candidate for the Board and shall not campaign inside any community buildings at a sponsored activity to express any opinion regarding candidates for the Board.” Furthermore, the Charted Club Policies and Procedures states: “All lists which are generated for the use of CC and/or the Association shall not be used for non-CC purposes, such as Association elections.” So again I am asking that this email stop immediately because this is only hurting our club.

2) When making same day reservations in writing the only schedule that you can officially sign up for a court will be the one that is posted on the bulletin board. If you want you can also put your name on the one in the breezeway and the Pavilion just to insure that everyone sees you have reserved that particular court. The schedules in the breezeway and the Pavilion are for convenience only, so everyone please check the posted schedule on the bulletin board before taking a court to play on.

Steve Berwald

SCG Pickleball President

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