Care Bear

When a club member has suffered an injury, has had surgery or is rehabilitating from injury or surgery, or has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, or has suffered bereavement, the Care Bear will send an get well or sympathy card on behalf of the club.

Members should notify the Care Bear if they know of anyone that needswell wishes. The current Care Bear is Linda Hoggatt. Members can email Linda at

When a club member has suffered a bereavement, the Care Bear shall contact that person to ask whether they would like an email to go out to the membership notifying them of the death of their loved one and whether any memorial will be held.

***The Board shall have a budget item for this expense annually. When the amount for cards and stamps reaches approximately $50.00, receipts should be submitted to the Club Treasurer for reimbursement, along with an “Expense Reimbursement Request Form”