Ten Tips for New Players

  1. Accept suggestions that you’ve violated a rule – it’s to your benefit.
  2. Always get to the non-volley line (NVL) as quickly as possible after
    returning the serve.
  3. Face your opponent, and keep your paddle up – the top of your
    paddle should be approximately shoulder high.
  4. Make serves as deep as possible, keeping your opponent back.
    Remember that both feet must be behind the baseline when serving
    whether using a traditional volley serve or a bounce serve. Your feet
    must also be inside the sideline.
  5. Return serves soft and deep and down the middle – that gives you
    more time to get to the NVL (non-volley line).
  6. Remember the double bounce rule – once on the serve, once on the
    return. General rule: Serve and Stay / Return and Run.
  7. Develop your third shot drop – a soft shot just over the net from the
    baseline. It is the most essential and beneficial of all shots as it
    allows the serving team to approach the NVL. Remember, wait for
    the partner to make the third shot, then the partners move to the NVL
  8. Learn how to dink proficiently. Be patient – remember, you are
    setting up the ball so that your partner can “put it away” or for your
    opponent to make an error.
  9. Don’t try to power the ball. Remember, placing the ball in a strategic
    position is more effective than power.
  10. Always be ready to return the ball. Do not count your shots as
    “winners” until the point is actually over.