Pickleball Den and Court Reserve update

With all of the things happening at the Pickleball courts, please be aware of the following information.  The courts will be having the windscreens and the courts re-surfaced from October 2-15.  We have been given no plan as to what courts will be affected and when, so you will not be able to reserve a court starting at 9PM tonight (for next Monday and on) until I am given the all clear from CAM.  Drop In will be the only item on the tv monitors.  If a court is open during non-Drop-In time, you can play on it.  Just understand that if you are playing on a court and they need to work on it, you will have to move.  If they give me a timeline before October 2, I will let everyone know.

Den Update:  
October is around the corner and soon it will be time ladders, round-robins, and tournaments.  The Den served us well last year, by reducing the paperwork and making the events we love possible, and it will continue to be used as we go forward. (Ignore any rumors to the contrary.)  The Den has been purchased by a exciting new company and they have a new team in place to implement many significant improvements.    All Den fees are covered in your club dues – you do not need to personally pay to update your account, so ignore any messages that you might see when you open The Den.  

We will again be needing volunteers to help run these events.  Commitments are generally once a week for around three months.

I will send out more info as I receive it.

See you around the courts.