Here are a few updates (RANTS) on the club and courts.  
It has been 1 week since the courts have been turned back over to us.  
General Acrylics is still coming back at some time to replace all of the wind screens.  Once I know the schedule, I will send it out.  

Court alignment:  We set up the courts this season as follows:
Novice courts 1-4 
Intermediate courts 5-16 
Advanced courts 17-22  
This was done to help the 400 to 600 new members that we get each and every year to find out where they might fit in at our club. The lower the court number, the lower the skill level.  The higher the court number, the higher the skill level.  
We are not a competitive club that requires ALL members to be rated and have their skill level shown, but if enough people want this then we can set up teams to rate our members.
We will look at the alignment at the end of the season and make changes if necessary.    

If any court is not being used during Drop In, any skill level group can play on the open court.  
We do not chase anyone off of the courts in the middle of a game.  You must wait until that group has FINISHED their game and vacate the court.  

Monitor Credit:  Please look at the roster under your name and see if you have a monitor credit for 2023.  If you monitored or volunteered during the year and still have a 0 for monitor credit, please email me the date that you helped out.  I want to get this completed well before we start Renewals on January 1 2024.  

Tournament update:  Just a reminder that November 15 is the cutoff date for being guaranteed a t-shirt.  Don’t wait until the last minute (December 4) to sign up. 

AND FINALLY:  This picture is of the new breezeway that was just resurfaced.  It seems that last Friday night (October 27) some group had a party of some kind that involved cake and I can only assume candles. 
Thank you for dropping burnt and burning matches onto the surface, and grinding cake into it too. 
The very least that you could have done was to CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES  
Don’t worry, Ken and I cleaned it up for you. 
Done ranting.


See you around the courts.