Courts 9 – 12 accessible and New Club Officers

What’s in this email?

1) Courts 9 -12 open
2) New Officers take office January 1

1) A visit to the courts a short time ago found 9 – 12 accessible. One lock remained, but this was apparently a problem of a missing key, rather than courts not ready.

The last coummunication we had from CAM (Scott Phillips) about the schedule for courts 1 – 8 said, “The other remaining courts will be worked on December 28 – January 1st.” We will ask Scott if this is still the best estimate.

2) The terms of 2016 Club Officers and Board members start January 1. These are as follows:

  • Steve Berwald, President
  • Bill Murphy, Vice President
  • John Olson, Treasurer (John has agreed to serve, requires Board confirmation.)
  • Carol Willoughby, Secretary
  • Paul Reiss, Member at Large
  • Peter Hladek, Member at Large
  • Janice Roberts, Member at Large

Dennis Raggi
SCG Pickleball President

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