Many Important Items December 31

1) Court Repair Schedule
2) Monitor Credits for Court Repair Days
3) 2016 Monitoring: Check, Day/Event & Event Time
4) President’s Team Effort
5) 2016 Board

1) We’re sorry for the extended court closures the past 2 weeks. The original court repair schedule we were given did not disclose the proper days the contractor needed to make the repairs. Thank you for your patience, we are sure you will enjoy the newly repaired courts once all the work is completed. If all repairs can be completed with the New Year holiday & weather permitting, we have a tentative opening for courts 1 to 8 of 1/2/16. You will be notified.

2) Anyone that had signed up to monitor on days the courts were closed for repairs will receive their monitor credit.

3) When signing up to monitor in 2016 please read the calendar of events & view the court use schedule for a day you want to monitor. (i.e.: if you are signing up to monitor a Tuesday in February, look at the current schedule for a Tuesday for times & courts to monitor). Many people complained that it was hard to get a spot to monitor in 2015, not so in 2016, you have many club events to select to monitor. In 2016 you will see new monitor guidelines as the badge readers & TV monitors come online.

4) There is no I in Team.

In 2015 I was blessed with a great team of Club members that helped run & manage the Club for everyone’s benefit, treasurer Betty Ponto for not letting us get off budget, secretary Lynn Renick for her great record keeping & giving the board structure, Paul Reiss, for his Club articles and running his court crew, Doug Pusateri for handling court posting, ball distribution & great costumes, Cathy Hennefer for helping with Club charities. Several members worked untold hours helping me with the court expansion, a big thank you is owed to Nikki Greene for all her input and support on dealing with many Club issues in 2014 & 2015.

Jeanne Harteau for her willingness to correct untruths in numerous newspaper articles about the Pickleball Club, thank you for your time and efforts to educate the community with truth & facts.

Everyone on the Club Contacts list for your time in monitoring week after week and taking on the special projects like, Pizza parties, the Valley Vista Band events, the local Food Bank volunteers that continue to this day.

I was blessed with a really special person for Vice President, without the energy & dedication of Bob Ellis, I don’t know what if anything could have been done in 2015. Thank you Bob, now you can take your wife Linda on a date without having to go to Office Max at 9 pm to find a solution to one of my ideas.

Everyone’s help regardless of the size of the event was greatly appreciated by my entire 2015 Board & myself.

Thank You

5) I hope everyone will continue in helping with Club events in 2016, please give the 2016 Board your support

Thank You
Happy & Healthy New Year in 2016

Dennis Raggi
SCG Pickleball President

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