Registration Open for Winter League

Registration is now open for the Winter League and will remain open until December 31.  The League will run on Saturdays from January 12 – April 27 at 2 pm and is open to all players at the 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0+ levels.

If you are interested in playing in the Winter League send an email to  In order to play, you need to be:
1.  A member in good standing with the GPC
2.  Have a unique email address (one that is not shared with another member of the GPC.)

If you are new to Ladder/League Play or haven’t played in the past two years, include the following information in your email:
A.  Your name as it appears on the Club Roster
B.  Your gender (this is not always obvious from the name)
C.  Your unique email address (this also must match info on club roster)
D.  Your skill level

If you have played in the ladder or league previously, include
A.  Your name as it appears in the Club Roster
B.  Your unique email address (as a confirmation)


Renewal Time

Tomorrow is the first chance to renew your club membership.  Don’t wait, get it done now.  I hope to see you there, early tomorrow morning. 

2018 Membership Renewal

Two Membership renewal sessions will be held in December and three in January. All will be held in the Cimarron Center as follows:

  • Wednesday, December 5th        Cimarron Room        8:30 – 10:30
  • Monday, December 10th            Cimarron Room        8:30 – 10:00
  • Tuesday, January 8th                 Cimarron Room        9:00 – 11:00
  • Monday, January 14th               Cimarron Room        9:00 – 11:00
  • Wednesday, January 16th         Cimarron Room        9:00 – 11:00

Betty Ponto, Co-Treasurer
Carol Weber, Co-Treasurer
SCG Pickleball Club

Betty Ponto, Co-Treasurer
SCG Pickleball Club
Carol Weber, Co-Treasurer
SCG Pickleball Club

A Soldiers Best Friend Charity Pro Am Update

There is only two weeks left before the Play with a Pro charity event.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to play with a fantastic Professional Pickleball Player.

The club will be hosting the second annual charity fund-raising event this year for Soldier’s Best Friend (SBF) on Dec 16th, 2018 from 12 noon until 5:00pm.  During this season of joy and giving, we urge you to donate to this important local charity by signing up to “Play with a Pro” or by making a charitable contribution.  Use this link Charity Registration Form  to download the registration form with more details.  Our Club made a significant difference last year in the life of a Veteran who could not leave his house, go grocery shopping or work because of PTSD or Brain injury.

Here is the list of Pro’s that have volunteered their time for this great event.

  • Court 13 – Kevin Booth and Del Kauss
  • Court 17 – Gigi LeMaster and Kasandra Gherke
  • Court 18 – Laura Fenton Kovanda and Linda Kauss
  • Court 20 – Jim Hackenberg and Mark Friedenberg
  • Court 21 – Dave Weinbach and Pat Kane
  • Court 22 – Yvonne Hackenberg and Roxanne Pierce

These are some of the Top Pro’s in Pickleball today.

Sign up quickly, as slots will be filling up fast.

How to sign up or donate:  Fill out the three lines on the registration form regardless if you plan to play or just donate without playing.  Mail to the address located on the form or you can drop off your donation (cash or check)/registration form at the Drop-Off box located at the courts in the Pavilion.  This is an opportunity to be paired with a professional Pickleball player and play against another pro/amateur pair for a fun 20-minute play/learn session.  Our goal in is for everyone to have FUN and help us raise $6,000 for this event.  4,000 dollars is needed to train a dog/vet pair.  At last year’s event we raised over $4000.00 or as we said, “a dog and a paw.”

If you have a preference and would like to be paired with or against men/women/mixed/PB ranking, note it on the registration form and we’ll attempt to honor your request.  Our goal is to help Veterans in need, but we can still have fun playing and meeting new people while we support this important cause.  PLEASE we ask that all skill levels sign up to play.  So, if you are new to the game or an expert player join us on December 16th, 2018.  Pickleball is the fasting growing sport in the country!  Think about this, you will be able to watch professional exhibition matches between Pro’s and at the same time, win some great raffle prizes (new paddles, clothing etc.), enjoy good food and hang out with friends.

Registration Contact:  Craig Soubliere
General information:  Troy Konz,

Toys for Tots Drop Off Locations

Tis the Season to Spread a Little Joy!!
… Help the Pickleball Club
make a child’s Holiday season memorable
by donating a NEW unwrapped toy &
bring for our “Toys for Tots” donation box

Times & Locations for Toy Donation Box

Tuesday 12/04 – 6:00pm-8pm Pickleball Pavilion
Thursday 12/06 – 5:00pm-8pm – Holiday Party
Sonoran Plaza, Sagebrush Room

We will have Toys for Tots Drop Boxes at the Holiday Party to receive your toy donations. You can drop off gifts even if you are not attending the dance.

Sunday, 12/16 – 12:00pm-5:00pm PB Courts at
Toys for Tots drop box – Soldiers Best Friend

Dave Weinbach Pickleball Clinics

Give the Gift of a Dave Weinbach clinic to someone that you love during this holiday season.

7 time National and 8 time US Open Pro Pickleball Champion, Dave Weinbach will be holding Pickleball Clinics at Sun City Grand in December.  They will be for both Novice and Advanced.  Clinic prices are $40 per person.  Dave has won over 85 Gold Medals and learned how to play the game of Pickleball right here on the Sun City Grand courts.

Clinic Dates and Times

  • December 12 – Noon – 2PM – Novice
  • December 12 – 2 to 4PM – Advanced
  • December 23 – Noon – 2PM – Novice
  • December 23 – 2 to 4PM – Advanced

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn locally from one of the nations top professional players. Space is limited.  Contact Craig Soubliere at 623-670-8038 or by email at

If you are looking for private or group lessons, please contact Dave at


Dave Weinbach Clinics

Dave Weinbach


sun city grand courts

DECEMBER 12 & 23, 2018

Novice clinic – Noon – 2 PM (limited to 16 players)
Advanced clinic – 2 – 4PM (limited to 16 players)

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn locally from one of the nation’s top professional players


7 Time National Champion, 8 Time US Open Champion

Winner of over 85 Gold Medals

Cost of the Clinic is $40 per person. This will be an interactive skills clinic for Novices and Advanced players

Contact: Craig Soubliere at 623-670-8038 or by email.

Sun City Grand Courts

Space is limited so contact Craig Soubliere today and secure your spot in the clinic.

For Private lessons contact Dave Weinbach at

Dink A Dilly ll Instructions and Teams

Welcome to the Dink A Dilly II Sun City Grand Pickleball Tournament




  • Wednesday, November 28th – Woman Division
  • Thursday, November 29th – Men Division
  • Friday, November 30th – Mixed Division


  • Check In and t-shirt distribution will be 7:00 am – 7:30 am at the pavilion
  • You will also get your lunch ticket at that time


  • Each skill bracket will have its own row of courts and their own court monitor
  • This is a double elimination tournament
  • The winner bracket will play 2 out of 3 games to 11 (win by 2)
  • The loser bracket will play 1 game to 15 (win by 1)
  • The first server will wear a wrist band during all games
  • The 2 teams will decide who the first team to serve and what side
  • If your team has any questions, please ask your court monitor
  • We will have ref’s for medal matches
  • First aid will be available everyday




Dink A Dilly Teams Men Division
Court 9 Courts 5-8 Courts 13-16 Courts 1-4
Novice/2.5 round robin Team 3.0 Team 3.5 Team 4.0
1 Stan Debber 1 Curt Struyt 1 Dan Neilsen 1 Craig Soubliere
2 Don Peterson Terry Martell Wes Knight Steve Jochmans
3 Joe Shevlin 2 Gary Heim 2 Bob Siegel 2 Gene Pearl
4 Howard Higgen Gene Sobba Robert Williams Ryan Davis
3 Jim Maddox 3 Frank Weber 3 Dave Fontaine
Tom Simonson Paul Spurgeon Roy Seaverson
4 Hart Renger 4 Jeffrey Baker 4 Dave Walker
Randy Campbell Terry Johnson Mitchell Miller
5 Eugene Kit 5 Kenny Moss 5 Harold Dreyer
Robert Johnson Bob Lindsay Mark Weber
6 Mark Sexton 6 Michael Mazur 6 Rob White
Donald Cacciatore Mike Cameron Rick Folk
Courts 10-12 7 Tim Korevec 7 Ron Beachy
Team 4.5 Bob Schoeler Stewart McWilliams
1 Jeff Stone 8 Guy McKoy 8 Dennis Gallaher
Dan Kratz Jeff Cretors Terry Loy
2 David Nedelman 9 Steve Schneider
Earle Greenberg Stewart Temler
3 John Savoy 10 Jerry Lauer
Troy Konz David Shaw
4 Rod Hamilton 11 Richard Merring
Larry Laux Michael Butler
12 Ron Grant
Michael Olson
Dink A Dilly Teams Women Division
Courts 9-12 Courts 5-8 Courts 13-16 Courts 1-4
Team 2.5 Team 3.0 Team 3.5 Team 4.0
1 Ruth Grant 1 Jody Jochmans 1 Angie Robinson 1 Robyn Chiappini
Barb Thompson Cindy Van Ginkel Judy Spaulding Laura Forbe
2 Nancy Struyk 2 Cryslynn Walker 2 Inga Loy 2 Jane White
Cherie Sheylin Terrie Watkins Pat Lorenz Diane Fontaine
3 Nancy Sund 3 Louise Merring 3 Linda Lindsay 3 Wendy Markley
Brenda Kraemer Eileen Saunders Alice Chen Elizabeth Folk
4 Kim Powell 4 Aileen Siegel 4 Sharon Villanueva 4 Susan Konz
Dianne Gibbons Irene Pearl Cindy Baker Jennie Riazanski
5 Deborah Williams 5 Cindy Blumi 5 Cokie Lopinski 5 Pam Speer
Sandra Myers Cecelia Walker Kathy Bailey Pat Stolarz
6 Denise Jeffries 6 Jackie Korevec 6 Karen Butler 6 Julie Billetz
Marjo McDougall Juvann Williams Sandie McTavish Jan Sheid
7 Kathy Gorden 7 Lorraine Seaverson
Cheri Cameron Janice Roberts
8 Vicki Sexton 8 Sheri Williams
Joyce Mitchell Denna O’Connell
9 Dorothy Mazur
Suzy Mitchell
Dink A Dilly Teams Mix Doubles
Court 9 Courts 5-8 Courts 13-16 Courts 1-4
Novice/2.5 round robin Team 3.0 Team 3.5 Team 4.0
1 Cherie Shevlin 1 Kathy Gorden 1 Cokie Lepinski 1 Pat Stolarz
Bill Wells Donald Cacciatore Mike Cameron Rich Folk
2 Susan Wells 2 Jackie Korevec 2 Julie Seaverson 2 Jane White
Howard Higgen Gene Sobba Robert Williams Dave Fontaine
3 Marjo McDougall 3 Brenda Kraemer 3 Sharon Villanueva 3 Wendy Markley
Joe Shevlin Jim Maddox Michael Butler Mark Weber
4 Sandra Myers 4 Cheri  Cameron 4 Inga Loy 4 Jan Scheid
Stan Debbler Eugene Kit Michael Mazur Steve Jochmans
5 Kim Powell 5 Cryslynn Walker 5 Linda Lindsay 5 Robyn Chiappini
Don Peterson Walter Fuller Stewart Templer Roy Seaverson
6 Juvann Williams 6 Denna O’Connell 6 Julie Billetz
Curt Struyk Dan Nielsen Ron Beachy
7 Aileen Siegel 7 Alice Chen 7 Jennie Rianzanski
Jim Barbour Richard Merring Stewart McWilliam
8 Jody Jochmans 8 Cindy Van Ginkel 8 Diane Fontaine
Courts 10-12 Mark Sexton Wes Knight Craig Soubliere
Team 4.5 9 Vicki Sexton 9 Colleen Zlimen 9 Pam Speer
1 Rod Hamilton Gary Heim Bob Schoeler Dave Walker
Earle Greenberg 10 Eileen Saunders 10 Dianne Dreyer 10 Elizabeth Folk
2 John Savoy Robert Johnson Terry Johnson Harold Dreyer
Rob White 11 Louise Merring 11 Karen Butler 11 Laura Forbes
3 Darren Duncan Terry Martell Kenny Moss Casey Szukalski
Troy Konz 12 Ceceila Walker 12 Alice Emerick 12 Susan Knoz
4 David Nedelman Hart Renger Mike Anderson Ryan Davis
Dan Kratz 13 Janice Roberts 13 Kathy Bailey
Tom Simonson Bob Siegel
14 Pat Lorenz
Garth Merkeley
15 Sandie McTavish
Terry Loy
16 Sheri Williams
Michael Olson
17 Jill Gallaher
Tim Korevec
18 Erica Muzsley
David Shaw
19 Suzy Mitchell
Bob Lindsay
20 Ann Gouk
Guy McKoy
21 Leanne Peterson
Frank Weber
22 Lorraine Seaverson
Ron Grant