Various Important Messages

What’s in this email

1) Please attend the SCG Board Workshop this Thursday, June 25 at 1 p.m.
2) Paddle Guidelines

1) SCG Board Agenda items are:
a) Estate sales guidelines; to allow or not allow, possible fees and staff time to oversee estate sales.

b) Granite Falls Golf Course plan to resurface all greens:  cost of $445,000.00.  This proposal is coming   from the Golf Advisory Committee; go to, login, homeowner info TV22, TV22 videos, golf, 2015-golf, March 19, 2015 Jimmy Fox.  Please inform yourself about what is being proposed by the GAC/Golf Advisory Committee and the impact on you.
You are allowed 3 minutes on each topic to ask questions prior to the Board voting on each agenda item.

c) Chat with the Board:  Residents can ask questions of the Board about any topic not on the agenda.  I encourage you to ask questions about your community.

2)  Any questions you might have about paddles, please refer to the SCG website:, rules and regulations, paddle regulations.  The Club’s website will be corrected to direct you to the page guidelines.

Thank you,
Dennis Raggi, President
SCG Pickleball Club

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