SCG Board votes against courts ~ next steps

What’s in this email

1) Todays vote on Pickleball in SCG
2) Ideas for New Club Events
3) The Gag request is lifted
1) It is with great sadness that I must inform you that today the Board of Directors of Sun City Grand voted down (2-4 , in favor Brooks & Bales, against Such, Jordan, Armstrong & Marden) the Ad Hoc Committees recommendation for expansion of Pickleball at Cimarron. Please watch the meeting on TV22 so you can see for yourself the Kangaroo session.
2) I’m polling all club members for ideas of new Club events to start in October or early November. Let me know your ideas so as a Charter Club we can start to reserve up to 75% of available court times for Club events.
3) The request to refrain club members from talking about Pickleball to Board Members has ended. Please feel free to exercise your Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech.

Dennis Raggi
President SCG Pickleball Club

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