Tough Times

This is the part of being in charge of a large group that absolutely sucks. One of our club members and one of Susan’s and my most favorite people is fighting for his life in the hospital. Dick McCurdy was diagnosed with COVID a couple of weeks ago and was admitted to the hospital and was soon put on a ventilator. Now he is on life support and both he and his wife Vivian need your prayers and good thoughts.

This really hits home when family, friends, and neighbors come down with this terrible disease and quite possibly lose their lives and so I am going to reinforce the absolute requirement to wear your masks while not on your court and to maintain social distancing at all times.

I realize that some people still see this as a hoax and an infringement on their rights, but I’m here to tell you that it is deathly real, so wake up and stop being naive about the seriousness of this deadly pandemic.

I’m talking to everyone in the pickleball club and if you have taken offence with any of my words above, I apologize, but I am not sorry for stating what needs to be stated.

Please, Stay Safe and Healthy and pray for Dick and Vivian