Homeless Project – New Years Day

On New Years Day, Susan and I went out and helped feed the homeless a nice dinner. Thanks to all of the club’s donations of coats and socks as well as the monetary kind, we were able to feed @50 people a hot and nutritious meal. Instead of standing in line and getting their food, we had them sit down at a table and served them a hot bowl of soup and followed that up with a BBQ Beef sandwich and homemade macaroni and cheese. The club donated almost 50 coats so far, that we put on hangers and a coat rack and let them try on and take whatever coats that they wanted. Most of them took 2 and layered them. We went through 35 coats and learned some lessons. First, the homeless women do not want to stand out and be identified as female, so pink, and bright colored jackets were not taken. Second, there is a great need for men’s size large and XL jackets, coats, and sweatshirts. Next, the homeless use bikes as their major mode of transportation. They cherish their bikes and protect them at all times. One of the ways that I think we can help them is to come up with a little bike kit with tire patch kits, tubes, and maybe even a few older donated bikes (If you have an unwanted older bike in good condition that we can put to good use, please contact me (It cannot be a new or flashy high-tech bike as this will get stolen quickly) and I can come look at it and pick it up).

I have been making bulk meals and freezing them to have a pantry of dinners available for the next few weeks. This week’s menu is Soup, Salad, a Spaghetti, and meatballs plate, plus a dinner roll and dessert. Please keep the donated items coming. They are well received and appreciated.