Den Instructions

Learning something new can be a challenge. We happen to have some instructions for you that may help. Take it slow, we don’t want any injuries caused by too much learning, too fast.

Below you’ll find what we currently have available.

For a general look at several of the basic things like, logging in, making it act like an app, and signing up for events, check out this link to Den Basic Information: Basic Information

Add Your Self-Rating:
All competitive events require a Self-Rating. That includes Ladders, Shootouts, Tournament’s, etc. When considering your rating, don’t base it on “your best day,” base it on your average level of play. Your self-rating is used to start you close to your level of play. Click here for a short video that will show you how to enter and save your rating.

Leave a Club or Sub-Club:
On the Den we have our main club (Grand Pickleball Club) and Sub-Clubs – which are groups within the club that run specific events. If you accidentally join one you don’t want to be in, or find that one you’re in is not a good fit, you can leave that group with a few clicks. Learn now by clicking here for a short video.

“STOP the avalanche of emails!” or “keep them coming…more, more!”, pick your poison. You can take control over exactly how and where messages get delivered. Maybe as a snowbird – you want or don’t want – to know what’s happening back in The Grand. You can set it up exactly how you would like it to be and here is how: Control Messages

For Managers:
Step-by-step instructions for running Luck of Draw event. It just might be easier than you think. Click this link to find out: Running Luck of the Draw

More to follow…

Helpful Den-made Videos

If you learn better by watching and listening, and not reading, you might find these videos of help.

Make an App Out of It. How to get the Den on your iPhone as an “App” click here: (written instructions above under Basics for Android)

Rockin’ Robin: Want to know more about the Round Robin type event? The Den calls them Luck of the Draw.  Check out

If you volunteer to be a manager, or want to see what they do, here is what managers do to run a Luck of the Draw. (Round-Robin)