Our Groups

Grand Pickleball DEN Groups
We have several groups for members with a variety of interests. Some groups are created for fun and meeting new opponents, while others are a bit more competitive.

Current Groups:
We are excited to be able to offer such a wide range of activities again and it is all made possible by volunteers that agree to help run things and the power of The Den.

  • Saturday Luck of Draw – a big Round-Robin all about fun and playing with different players. (2.5+)
  • Women’s Ladder – Women work their way up or down a ladder over several weeks, by the effectiveness of their play. (3.0+)
  • Men’s Ladder – You guessed it – same as above except for men. (3.0+)
  • Mixed Ladder – could be random partners or partners joining as a team – it hasn’t been decided. (3.0+)
  • Intro to Ladder – Players know how to play a game and keep score – and are just starting to dip their toe into competitive play. Extra help will be available for this ladder. (Up through 3.0)

Evening Mixers:
Wed/Fri Mixer – Round Robin play that’s all about fun and playing a variety of people.
Sun/Tue Mixer – Same fun – different days

You will also see a couple sub-clubs that are in limbo at the current time.
<Golden Girls> is a private player run group that reserves its own courts – it is not club run.
(Deuces Wild) is closed or on hold at the moment – a place holder for what might be coming a little later on.

How to Join a Group (Sub-Clubs)
On your Den home page, click on “Join Sub-Club.” This will take you to a page where you can click a [Join] box to be instantly added to that group. A [Request] box means that the manager of the group will need to approve your request. (Normally this is due to special requirements or courts space available.) And a box to click for more information.
Once you have joined the group, you will see when the sub-club events are ready for sign-ups. Signing up is as easy as clicking a small box. (If you change your mind later, you can click it again to un-sign-up.)
The Den has different words for things – Round-Robins are called “Luck of Draw” – Ladders are called “Shootouts.”