What you need to know … about Ladders & Shootouts

CURRENT and NEW PLAYERS should familiarize themselves with these Rules on a periodic basis as updates will take place.

The Grand Pickleball Club provides both non-competitive and competitive events for its members. Ladders and Shootouts are two of the competitive events.

Software, by Pickleball Den (The Den), is used to run each of these events and is provide for all members as part of the club membership. Instructions to help you get the most out of the Den are included in The Den section of this website.

Joining a Ladder or Shootout Event:
Each event you wish to attend, can be joined by clicking “Join Sub-Club” on your Den account. Once you join a Sub-Club, you can use its “sign-up sheets” to sign up for specific events that are provided by that sub-club.

All Competitive events assume you have a Den membership and have joined the appropriate sub-club for the event in which you wish to participate. (It is recommended that you have a smart phone and bring it to the courts with you. It helps a lot – but is not mandatory.)

Ladder Captains run each event and may modify rules and expectations if needed. They can be contacted by sending an email to:

Requirements for Ladders and Shootouts:

  1. Self-Rating Rule – Each player must enter and save, a self-rating in their Den Account
  2. 15 Minute Rule – Each event requires that you be present at the courts and checked in, 15 minutes prior to the start of play.
  3. 24 Hour Rule – You must sign-up for the event 24 hours prior to the event.
  4. No-Show Rule – You must remove yourself from the event at lest 3 hours prior to the event.
  5. Conduct Rule – You must play according to the rules of the game and the event and contribute to the enjoyment of group.
  6. Finish-All-Game Rule – All players are expected to finish all games. If you have concerns about your ability to finish playing all 3 or 4 games, you should not sign up.
  7. Level Rule – Check the event for a level requirement – all will require at least a solid 2.5 or above level of play.

Noncompliance with any of the above rules will jeopardize your participation and we don’t want that to happen

Ladder and Shootout Process:
Once you have joined the sub-club, signed-up for the event, and have arrived 15 minutes prior to play – the following is a process you will become familiar with.

  1. Check In: Use your Den account to Self-Check-In with the “Check in Code” when you arrive at the courts. Even though your phone will let you, DO NOT check in sooner than one hour prior to the event. (If you don’t have a phone, check in with the Event Captain.
  2. Instructions: Warm up and listen for the Event Captain to a call to receive any last- minute instructions.
  3. Starting Play: Once seeded, the Event Captain will start the event. Players will receive a notification on their smartphone as to which court they go to and who they are playing with. That notification will also indicate, which team is the “First Choice” team which, in this case, will serve first.
  4. Game Play: 4 player courts will play 3 games to 15 – win by one. 5 player courts will play 4 games to 11 – win by one.
  5. Enter Scores: Immediately after each game, one player on the court should accurately enter the scores for that game. Once entered, the information for the next game will show up on each player’s phone. (Remember to add the scores of the last game prior to leaving the courts.)
  6. Game Sequence: Players will receive a notice on their phone of their first player-pairing, opponents and an indication of which teams serves first. (first-choice team). Subsequent parings will be available immediately after scores are entered for the previous games.
  7. Out Calls: – All calls during the game should be generously made – like you would want the call made if you hit the ball.
  8. Disagreements: Any disagreements or conflicts that arise during an event should be brought to the attention of the Ladder Captains – their decision is final.
  9. Exceptions: Captains may ask you to shorten a game if time or weather becomes an issue. On games to 15, for example, if you’re asked to change and play to 11, both the winners and losers would add 4 points to the scores they entered. If a game was to 11, and you’re asked to change and play to 9, you would add 2 points to each score added.

Initial Player Placement:
For your first ladder or shootout, the captains will attempt to place you within 3 courts of your correct position by using your self-rating and player input. From then on, your play on the courts will determine your placement. If you find that you have been significantly miss-placed – which most often happens if you didn’t enter a self-rating – please discuss your concerns with the Ladder Captains.

Ranking Information:
Your step ranking is determined by a combination your win-loss record, your point differential, and the level of court you are playing on. Remember that your pickleball skill is only part of the equation. How well you adjust to playing with different partners will also affect your performance. Smart choices, safe play, and teamwork are all your friends in competition.

Each player can see their ladder step by clicking on Player Ranking in their Sub-Club account. Any number of players can be on one step of the ladder.

The percentage number should be mostly ignored. It is NOT a direct reflection of how you played on any particular series of games. The percentage is used by the program to place players that are on the same step – on different courts. The important indicator over time is not your percentage but your step.