Member Monitor Requirement Policy

The Sun City Grand Community Association requires every chartered club to provide monitors at all club sponsored events. In order to maintain our club charter, the Grand Pickleball Club shall comply with this requirement.

To promote fairness and equality, every member of the Grand Pickleball Club is expected to monitor or volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours annually.

Monitor requirements can be met by:

  • Monitor the skill level drop-ins (prior authorization required)*
  • Monitor the ladders (prior authorization required)*
  • Monitor the mixers (prior authorization required)*
  • Monitor introductory lessons (prior authorization required)*
  • Monitor at other events requiring a monitor (prior authorization required)*
  • Serve as a member of the Club’s Board
  • Serve as a member of one of the Club’s committees*
  • Volunteer for any other club activity for a minimum of 2 hours (prior authorization required)*

*Prior authorization may be obtained from the President or the Monitor Chair.

One monitor is required at every club sponsored event.

Exceptions to Monitoring Requirements will be very limited and must be extraordinary. Members seeking an exception to the Monitor Requirement may submit a detailed written request to the Board stating the reason for the exception. The Board shall review the request and act on it at their next meeting. The Board’s decision shall be final.