Monitor Guidelines and Procedures

Monitor Guidelines and Procedures for Drop-In


  • Overnight guests of club members may play at “Drop-In” as long as they are accompanied by the member. The member will need to go to the monitor station and sign in their guest. The guest must wear a guest badge while playing. The guest must be at least 16 years old to play. Monitors will need to make sure all guests have signed in and are wearing a guest badge.
  • Monitors must wear the Monitor Name Badge while on duty.
  • Monitors must be on duty at all times and may not play while they are monitoring.
  • Monitors will continually monitor all courts to insure that members are wearing their Name Badge and that no unauthorized people are playing.
  • Monitors shall complete a Code of Conduct Incident Report for all violations of the SCG Code of Conduct policy during all club sponsored events. Members are required to report Code of Conduct violations to the monitor on duty. DO NOT confront anyone if they resist following the rules or are verbally/physically abusive. Notify the CAM monitor on duty at the Cimarron Center (623-975-5630) that you need security at the pickleball courts. It is important that difficult members are handled by CAM security only. Call the Surprise Police Department (911) in the event of a serious situation. Complete a Code of Conduct Incident Report.


  • Monitors will swipe their card in the card reader and complete the universal monitor sheet.
  • Monitors will assure that every member swipes his/her CAM card in the card reader and that the card is read by the reader. If the reader indicates “Badge Not Registered” the Monitor should check the roster to see if Member is listed. If so, record the CAM # and Name on the Universal Monitor Form. If player is not listed, inquire if they are a Club member, Prospective Club Member or if their application is in process. If not, they are not allowed to play.
  • For prospective members, check the blue “Temporary Tag/Visitor Sheets” in the monitor book to see how many times they have played Drop-In (MAX=3 per year). If less than 3, complete the blue sign-in sheet, issue a temporary Name Badge and record their name & date on the blue “Temporary Tag/Visitor Sheet”. If they have already played Drop-In 3 times, inform them that membership dues must be paid before they can play Drop-In again and ask them to leave the courts.
  • Monitors will verify that every player is wearing a Name Badge and that it has the current year’s sticker. If they don’t have a Name Badge, check the roster to see if they are a member. If not, ask them to leave the courts. Players without a Name Badge, who are club members, may be issued a temporary Name Badge if they are on the printed roster.
  • If an accident or incident occurs, provide an incident report from the monitor book to someone who witnessed it and ask him/her to complete it. Completed reports must be turned in to the Club President or a Board Member who will forward it to the office of the Life Styles Director.
  • At the close of the Drop-In session, place the completed monitor sheet in the completed sheet section of the monitor book and return it to the monitor book storage container. Turn in any Code of Conduct or Incident Reports to the Club President or other member of the Club Board.

Monitor Procedures for Club Events Other Than Drop-In

  • Complete the universal monitor sheet and swipe your CAM card on the card reader.
  • Have all participants swipe their CAM cards on the card reader.
  • Put the name and CAM number on the monitor form of any member whose card doesn’t work in the card reader.
  • At the completion of the Club event, place the completed monitor sheet in the monitor booklet in the completed sheet section.
  • Provide any accident/incident/code of conduct reports to a board member.