Monitor Sign Up Instructions

The calendar uses an external website (SignUpGenius).  You do not have to create a registration on SignUpGenius to sign up to monitor. You only need to supply an email address. Once you complete signing up, you will receive an email confirmation. Later, if you need to cancel or change your sign up you can click on a “Edit My Sign Up” in the email you received. It is in small print at the bottom left of the the email. If you cannot find this email, go back to the page with your registration (click the link below) and click on “Already signed up? You can change your sign up.”

Monitoring Calendar 2022/2023
Monitoring Calendar 2024

Scroll down until you see your desired date and time and click on the “Sign Up” button next to it. Then click on the “Submit and Sign Up” button on the bottom. You confirmation email should arrive shortly.