The TV monitors will display the current day schedules in real time, except for the summer months.  You are able to cancel or schedule Pickleball courts online at  A QR code on the TV enclosures can be scanned with a barcode scanner app or QR code reader app on your smartphone and it will launch the court scheduling web page. Save it as a favorite in your browser. Please cancel your court if you will not be using it. “No Excuses”.

CAM Card magnetic strip readers record attendance at club sponsored and non club sponsored events. In other words, every time a club member plays they should swipe their card whether you reserved the court, just showed up to play, or are playing in a club event. If you play more than once per day you should swipe your card each time you play so we can accurately track court usage. Card readers are mounted near the TV monitors. Swipe once (stripe to the right) for each event you participate in. The reader will say “Thank You” if your card was read correctly. If you get a “Badge not registered” message and you are a club member, report the issue to the event monitor or email the Membership Chair at The card readers in the breezeways have enclosures to keep them dry. Please close them during inclement weather and at the end of the day.

pbmonitorandcardreader (2)