Grand Pickleball Club


Pickles the dog.The Grand Pickleball Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of pickleball in the community of Sun City Grand, Surprise, AZ. The club is playing on 22 courts next to the Cimarron Center. The club has 1423 members as of Saturday, September 18th, 10:48:41 PM MST.

Best News So Far


So, yesterday, we got some really great news from our HOA BOD. They passed a motion to return the Grand community, almost back to normal.

What does it mean to the Pickleball Club? For starters, no more masks or social distancing(you may still wear a mask if you desire to do so).… Read the rest

A Bunch of Things

Thankfully, the weather is starting to turn for the better.  Listed below, are a few (quite a few) items of interest for everyone.  Some of them bear repeating and highlighting.

  1. Yesterday, I picked up the clubs mail in the Sonoran Center for the first time since January of 2021(for a long time, the building was closed). 
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Court Updates

  1. Today, A contractor started installing a new mister system in the T breezeways by courts 18 & 21. It should be operational tomorrow sometime. One more item checked off of our wish list. We will now have 2 areas covered by mister systems, There are plenty more items to plan for in the coming year.
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Thank You

A big Thank You to all of the club members who showed up this morning to make the magazine photo shoot a success.  Craig and his team of court cleaners had the place photo ready.  Mike and Cheri Cameron and Nancy Muslin provided the food and drink that everyone enjoyed. … Read the rest