Nancy Eckart book

Former 2007 Grand Pickleball Board member, Nancy Eckart, has a book written about her younger years growing up in Yosemite Valley titled “The Yosemite Valley Girl – A Memoir of the Early life of Nancy Eckart”. Though Nancy no longer plays pickleball, her husband, Bob “The Rabbit” who turns 87 this year still plays three times a week. You can usually find him beating up on his group every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Nancy, who is also in her 8th decade of life, has always been an avid hiker and now devotes all of her energy in that direction. Many of you may know Nancy through the hiking club or from seeing her bright smile behind the counter at the golf course snack shops.

Nancy’s book can be found on Amazon. Simply type her name into the search box. To quote from the description, “She [Nancy] summited Half Dome at age 6, before she was even tall enough to reach the cables. She went on several week-long burro trips with her father and two younger brothers, where they fished for their dinners. Ansel Adams was a family friend and at the start of his photographic career he came into the Valley’s elementary school and chose Nancy as the ‘daughter’ in a typical family of 4 for several of his commercial shoots.”

Let’s all give Nancy a round of applause for her accomplishments and for a life lived quite literally on the edge!