Drop-In Procedure

Check the Calendar of Events for times.

Description: A Drop-In session is one in which players drop in, without advance reservations, to play other Drop-in players. There are two types of Drop-in sessions:

  • A 2-3 hour block of time reserved each morning, on all courts, for all players.
  • A two-hour block of time reserved on selected days, on selected courts, for Drop-in of specific skill levels.

Check the “Calendar of Events on GPC Website for times/days.

Eligibility: Players must be Grand Pickleball Club members or guests* in order to play in the Drop-in sessions.  Residents (including Renters) will be welcomed for a maximum of three Drop-In sessions before they must join the Club.

* Overnight guests of club members may play at “Drop In” as long as they are accompanied by the member. The member will need to go to the monitor station and sign in their guest. The guest must wear a guest badge while playing. The guest must be at least 16 years old to play. Monitors will need to make sure all guests have signed in and are wearing a guest badge.

Rotation System for Waiting Players: After the first Drop-in game of the day, one or more of the players should make room for waiting players.

General guidelines for rotating players:

  • If one player is waiting, one of the losing players drops-out.
  • If two players are waiting, both losing players drop-out.
  • If three players are waiting, both losing players and one winning player drops-out.
  • If four players are waiting, all losing and winning players drop out.
  • Winning players who play in a succeeding second game should drop-out after completing the second game.

Court Assignments: All courts are available for play by any skill level. To maximize the enjoyment for all, players should select a court where the players are a comparable skill level.

Win By One Point:  Games are played to 11 points. If there are waiting players, drop-in games are won by one point. If there are no waiting players, players may elect (prior to the end of the game) to win by either one or two points.

Northwest Side Serves First:  By local convention for our drop-in games, the northwest side of the court will serve first.  Remember that the team that serves first just gets one fault before turning the ball over to the opponents.

Name Tags:  It is the responsibility of all Club members to wear their name tags during drop-in. Guests must wear a temporary guest badge provided by the monitor.