Seasonal Round Robins

Check the Calendar of Events. If this event is not on the Calendar, it is not currently available.

Schedule: Playing times will vary with the seasons. Play will last approximately one and a half hours or less.  Please see the Calendar of Events for Round Robin schedules,

Eligibility: Membership in the Grand Pickleball Club is required.

Skill level needs to be 2.5 and above

Format: Round Robin: 6 games timed for 12 minutes each. There will be a five minute break between games 3 and 4. Each court can choose to play with keeping score or not keeping score.

The format is designed for the maximum amount of flexibility for the players. Players may miss a week or more because of their schedule. However players must commit to playing a minimum of 6 times each session.

Players are expected to indicate their intent to play by responding to the weekly Round Robin invitation. Scores for the Seasonal Round Robins will not be recorded.

Seasonal Round Robin Management Rules for Players and League Coordinators.

Ladder Management Contacts