Seasonal Leagues

Schedule: Playing times will vary with the seasons. Play will last approximately one and a half hours or less.

Eligibility: Membership in the Grand Pickleball Club is required.

Skill level needs to be 2.5 and above

Format: Doubles ladder. You don’t need to have a partner.

League play is as follows: Summer League Mondays @ 7:00 AM

Fall League: Saturdays @ 2:00 PM

Winter League: Saturdays @ 2:00 PM

The format is designed for the maximum amount of flexibility for the players. Players may miss a week or more because of their schedule.

Players are expected to indicate their intent to play by responding to the weekly League invitation. The number of games played and the number of points per game will be determined by the number of players assigned to each court. If 4 players are assigned to a court, players will play three 15-point games in a round robin fashion with the other three players in the foursome. If 5 players are assigned to a court all will play four 11- point games with the other 4 players. For more info click on highlighted link below.

Seasonal League Management Rules for Players and League Captains

League results and schedules are kept in TrackitHub.

Ladder Management Contacts

League Captain Angie Robinson 630-738-8811
League Captain Pam Speer 805-236-5954