Upcoming Changes

There is A Lot Happening in the next few months.  There will be a lot of email blasts coming out over the next two weeks.

Starting in October: Ladders are Back! Round-Robins are Back!, One and a half hour reservation blocks will be starting and a lot more!

The Den software has passed all our tests. It will not only allow us to bring back old favorites, but we will be able to add new and exciting options down the line – options that will benefit all club members. We started with 25 people as part of a test group and now that number us up to almost 300!

  • On Monday, October 3, court reservations will be one and a half hour slots, creating 42 additional reservation slots each and every day for our members to play pickleball.
  •  On Monday, October 10, from noon to 130PM, Women’s ladder will take center stage and kick off the season
  • On Tuesday, October 11, from noon to 130PM, Men’s ladder will start up.
  • In addition, AED training will begin on October 10 from 10AM to noon and continue every Monday and Wednesday through December (Coming soon, you will be able to sign up for the classes on the club website using Sign Up Genius.  An email blast will be coming out when it is up and running
  • Intro to Ladders will start sometime later in the year on Thursday’s from noon-130PM
  • Mixed Ladders is still being worked on and will start in the January timeframe.

Members Without Den Accounts: If you don’t yet have an account and plan to be back at The Grand by October or November, send an email to verlin@me.com with “Sign Me Up” on the subject line. You should include your first name (or the name you like to be called) and last name. We will verify your current membership and send you an email when we have you registered with The Den as one of our club members.  You can then log in to pickleballden.com and create your account. Note: If you sign-up for a Den account BEFORE we add you to the list of club-approved Den memberships – you will not see Grand Pickleball Club (because we are a private club) and will be asked to pay for it yourself.  You can check the clubs website for helpful information about The Den.
You will have a chance to sign up for the Den along with your registration for the new year.

Starting Now! Members who do have Den accounts, can open their Den app and under Grand Pickleball Club click on “Join a Sub-Club.” There they will find a list including Men’s and Woman’s Ladders, Mixed Ladders, Beginner’s Ladders and Luck of the Draw (the Saturday Round Robin) Once you join the sub-group/s of your choice – you will be able to receive notifications related to that group and sign up for events.

Volunteers: Volunteering to run Den events, is a good way to get volunteer credits. It is simple, and in most cases, you can play while you run the event. We will help you with all the support you need. It is also not a lifetime commitment. We can decide together the number of events you are willing to manage. Contact us right away to get started with the orientation. 

With Progress Comes Changes: We know we are asking members to make some changes as we move into the new season and change can be difficult.  We will try to help everyone adjust but know it will take time.  One change is the renumbering of the courts. By making some changes to the court numbers it will make it easier for the club to reserve courts that are grouped together.  It requires us to change the numbers on 12 courts.  It should be a seamless changeover.  A separate email blast will come out soon. 

There was a lot of time, planning and meetings put in since May to get the courts and common areas updated and upgraded before the busy season commences.  We hope that you will enjoy what your club has done for you this year. 

Again, there will be many more email blasts coming out soon.