Drop-In Procedure

Check the Calendar of Events for times.

Description: A Drop-In session is one in which players drop in, without advance reservations, to play other Drop-In players. There are two types of Drop-In sessions:

  • A 2-3 hour block of time reserved each morning, on all courts, for all players.
  • A 90 minute block of time reserved on selected days, on selected courts, for Drop-In of specific skill levels.

Eligibility: Players must be Grand Pickleball Club members or guests* in order to play in the Drop-In sessions.  Residents (including Renters) will be welcomed for a maximum of three Drop-In sessions before they must join the Club.

* Overnight guests of club members may play at “Drop-In” as long as they are accompanied by the member. The member will need to go to the monitor station and sign in their guest. The guest must wear a guest badge while playing. The guest must be at least 16 years old to play. Monitors will need to make sure all guests have signed in and are wearing a guest badge.

Name Badges:  It is the responsibility of all Club members to wear their name badges during Drop-In. Guests must wear a temporary guest badge provided by the monitor.


  • Courts are designated by skill level, – click Court Maps for court skill level court designations
  • Players place their paddles in the paddle holders at their skill level courts – click Paddle Holders if you want to know what these look like. These paddle holders are used to manage who is up next.
  • All players come off of the court after a game and place their paddles back in the paddle holders, unless no one is waiting to play
  • Players may play up or down a skill level
  • We will not restrict who is on the court or bench. However, a person sitting on the bench shall not gain any priority as a player on that court. During Club Member Drop-In playing priority may ONLY be gained by the placement of a player’s paddle in the appropriate paddle holder.
  • No “organized” (no monopolization of courts by a group of players) will be allowed during Club Member Drop-In. If you find this is still occurring, please feel free to email the Club President stating the situation at tkonz2@wi.rr.com
  • If a court is empty, “any skill level may play on that court. However, if those skill-level players come at a later time, they are allowed to have court after the current game is completed.
  • Northwest side serves first. Local convention for our Drop-In games is the northwest side of the court will serve first.  Remember that the team that serves first just gets one fault before turning the ball over to the opponents.