Ladder Management Roles and Responsibilities

Ladder Committee: The ladder committee runs the weekly League/Ladder program. It consists of a ladder manager and ladder coordinators. They shall make sure the ladders run smoothly and ladder rules are enforced. The ladder manager will report directly to board member assigned.

Job Description of Ladder Manager:
  1. Makes sure the Ladder Program is running smoothly by overseeing the Ladder Coordinators and the Ladder Rules as well as solving any conflicts or problems associated with the Ladder. The Ladder Manager must have access to a computer and possess basic computer skills. Note: All reference to Ladder Rules means LADDER MANAGEMENT RULES FOR PLAYERS AND COORDINATORS on the Sun City Grand Pickleball Club website
  2. Oversees the Ladder Coordinators.
  3. Recruits and trains the Coordinators (or oversees the training if it is done by an existing Coordinators).
  4. Makes sure the Ladder Coordinators follow the Ladder Rules explicitly.
  5. Answers any questions, solves problems, etc. which the Coordinators may have.
  6. Keeps all Ladder Coordinators informed of any changes in the rules or policy.
  7. Lets the Ladder Coordinators do their jobs without interference.
  8. Oversees the Ladder Rules.
  9. Makes necessary changes to Ladder Rules with the Coordinators’ approval.
  10. Updates the Ladder Rules on the web site when seasons change (playing 
  11. Fills in as a Substitute Coordinators when needed.
  12. Keeps the communication lines open.
  13. Is the direct contact from the Board to the Ladder Program.
  14. Solves any disputes, problems, or complaints directed to the Ladder Program.
  15. Makes decisions in the Ladder Program’s best interest in meetings.
  16. Attend Pickleball Club Executive Board meetings.
Job Description of Ladder Coordinator:
  1.  The Ladder Coordinator has a weekly 
commitment, must have access to a computer and possesses basic computer skills. The Captain can share the duties with a Co-Coordinator.
  2. Be familiar with and enforce the Ladder Rules.
  3. Report directly to Ladder Manager.
  4. Maintain Ladder Administration site for assigned Ladder.
  5. Post rankings and schedules weekly as per the Ladder Rules.
  6. Keep players informed of changes of Ladder Rules or ladder programs.
  7. Acts as a Monitor during play.
  8. Organize and manage assistants, if applicable.
  9. Keep Ladder Manager informed of any problems or concerns.