Membership Dues

2020 Membership Dues

  • New Member (joining January thru December)* – $32
  • Renewing Member (with 2019 Monitor Credit)** – $10
  • Renewing Member (without 2019 Monitor Credit)** – $30

* A new member joining Oct, Nov or Dec will have the monitor credit waived for 2019 and the dues for 2020 shall be at the reduced rate of $10.  However, new members must start meeting the monitor requirement in 2020 to pay the lower rate for 2021.  The Membership fee includes a laser engraved plastic permanent name badge with either a magnet or pin clasp and your home state.

** Renewing members monitor requirements must be met by the end of 2019 to receive the lower renewal rate for 2020.

Membership is on a calendar year, January – December.

CCEB Approved:  October 1, 2019

Member Approved:  October 8, 2019