Seasonal League Management Rules

PLAYERS should familiarize themselves with these Rules on a periodic basis as updates will take place.

Purpose of League Rules

These rules are established to maintain and provide an understanding of the operation of seasonal leagues.

General Information  

  • For each of the three (3) seasonal Leagues (Summer, Fall, Winter) all skill levels play in one league. The format of play is designed so that players generally play with others of similar skill levels but there can be cross-over with players one level above and/or below the player’s level.
  • Your ranking in the League is based upon your winning percentage within your skill level (the ratio of points won to total points possible).
  • Players are expected to indicate their intent to play by responding to the weekly League invitation. The number of games played and the number of points per game will be determined by the number of players assigned to each court. If 4 players are assigned to a court, players will play three 15-point games in a round robin fashion with the other three players in the foursome. If 5 players are assigned to a court, all will play four 11-point games with the other 4 players.
  • It is required that the players change ends of the court when one side has 8 points or 6 points depending on the number of players on the court to minimize the effects of the sun and wind.
  • The percentages are based only on the games that are actually played.
  • After your games have been played, players record their scores on the score sheet that is available in the area. Post the individual scores and the total for all games played. There is a maximum of 45 or 44 points.
  • All communication with the League coordinators is by email to: If a player does not have a unique email (an email that is not shared with another GPC member), he/she must have an email “buddy”.

To Join the Pickleball Seasonal League Program

  1. You must be a Grand Pickleball Club member in good standing.
  2. Read and understand the League Rules on the web site.
  3. Send an email to the indicating your interest in playing.
  4. In that email please provide your:

a. unique email address
b. your name as it appears on the GPC roster
c. your gender
d. your skill level (4.0, 3.5, 3.0, 2.5)

  1. It is important to provide this information by the deadline specified in the email from the club President.

Determining Your Skill Level (if higher than 2.0)  

      First: (if you do not already have a skill level):

  1. Read and review the outline of Skill Definitions below.
  2. Based on these determine where you think you fit.

Skill Definitions  

This is a brief outline of the skill definitions. For the detailed definitions click on the Skill Definitions link on the web site, or go to

  • 4.0 Player: This player is able to control and place both the serve and return of serve. This player is able to place their volleys and block strong volleys at them at the No Volley Zone, or “Kitchen”. This player has strong overheads and can place them. This player has excellent footwork and can move forward, backward and laterally with ease and quickness. This player can both “dink” and put away their shots. This player is consistent in their play and fully understands the strategy of the game and when to use specific shots.
  • 3.5 Player: This player knows the rules of Pickleball, match strategy and tactics. 3.5 players possess all shots, such as fore and backhand, lob, overhead smash and dink, and hit them with a high level of consistency.
  • 3.0 Player: This player knows most of the rules and how to keep score after losing track. This player will move to the net behind the return of serve. This player will not fault on more than 1/4 of their serves, or fail to return more than half of backhands or overheads. The 3.0Player has not yet developed skill or consistency in the overhead smash or the drop shots from well behind the No Volley Zone, or “Kitchen”. This player can maintain a “dink” exchange at the net.
  • 2.5 Player: This player knows how to keep score and where to stand at the beginning of each point. This player is learning where to be on the court during a point. All of their strokes are works in progress. This player should move to the net behind return of serve, and know how to score and be able to sustain a volley for 4 volleys.
  • 2.0 Player: This player has had a lesson and is learning how to keep score and where to stand at the beginning of each point. Whether they have a racquet sports background or not, they are at the beginning stages of learning the game of pickleball. Before joining the league, these players must get some experience playing pickleball until they know the basic rules of pickleball, and have an emphasis on keeping the ball in play.

Players Schedule  

  • The schedule of play and court assignments will be available when players arrive for league play. Every week players must sign the check-in/court assignment sheet. Players without email capability will need to setup an “email buddy”.
  • League play is as follows:  Summer League: Mondays @ 7:00 AM, Fall League: Saturdays @ 2:00 PM, Winter League: Saturdays @ 2:00 PM.
  • Note: Scheduled play times may vary based on weather and/or court availability. Watch for updates on the web site.


Can’t Play – BEFORE Schedule is Published  

  • If a player is unable to play on the specified day, they should respond ‘NO’ to the league invitation. The groupings will then be made without that player. The player’s most recent score will stand until the player resumes play. There is no penalty for being absent as long as the Captain is informed before the published deadline.

Can’t Play – After Player has Already Said “YES”  

  • If it is BEFORE the 8:00 PM deadline: change your answer from YES to NO. Logon to your TrackitHub account => Events => Calendar. Click on the appropriate date (invitation will open), scroll down to “Attend This Event” and change answer from YES to NO, click the blue “submit” button. Check to make sure your name has been removed from the player list.

Player Missing at Match Time  

  • If there is a player or players missing at match time, the schedule will be adjusted to allow everyone to play. Those players that are late (anytime after the published starting time) will be subject to the NO Show rule (below).

Percentage Establishment

  • When a new player is added to a league, he/she will develop a playing percentage as matches are played.
  • The League coordinator tracks player’s rankings to eliminate major “bouncing” up and down the league. For instance, if you are a new player and your first score is 45, your percentage would be 100. Logically, your next match would be on court 1 against the top players, which may not be in everyone’s best interest. So the coordinator reviews a player’s movement during the first three weeks of play to ensure the best placement.
  • The reverse holds true should you have a very bad day (or two). Your movement will be moderate.
  • If your overall percentage falls below 64% for two consecutive weeks you will be ineligible to continue in the league. The league, though not competitive, does require a certain level of proficiency so that all players can enjoy the experience.

Interruption of a Match (Recording of Scores)  

  • If the match is terminated before the final game, DUE to WEATHER, then scores up to that point will not count, and everyone will get an absence for the match.
  • If the match is terminated after the final game has begun, DUE to WEATHER, then the team in front will be awarded whatever points are needed to bring their score to 15 or 11, and the team behind will get the same number of points added to their score…e.g….if the score is 5-0…the team in front gets 10 points added, and the team behind gets the same 10 points added, making the final score 15-10.
  • If the match is terminated before, or during game three, DUE to INJURY, the final score of game three will be determined by the same methods detailed above.

No Shows  

  • If you are a “No Show” (you have not arrived by the published start of League play), you will be suspended from league play for 1 week. If you’re a “No Show” a second time during the Seasonal League (Summer, Fall, Winter), you will be suspended from that season’s League play. It is critical for the timely start of play and the operation of the league for all players if everyone arrives on time

Rule Changes  

  • These rules are subject to change. If you have suggestions for a rule change they should be submitted to Your suggestion will be reviewed and discussed with you.

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