Recognition of Club member, New attendance policy for Guest Speakers at Club Meetings, Grandkids Corner, Monitoring credits, Club policy on Guests, Dr. Michael Cronin’s Bio

What’s in this email?

1) Recognition of Club member, Tom Harvey
2) New attendance policy for Guest Speakers at Club Meetings
3) Grandkids Corner
4) Monitoring credits
5) Club policy on Guests
6) Dr. Michael Cronin’s Bio

1) We would like to recognize and thank Club member, Tom Harvey, for taking the initiative and repairing a section of the fence on one of the pickleball courts. Tom plays mornings at 7am. He said there was a CAM work order in for a while and felt the loose fence was not safe and didn’t want to see anyone get hurt so he brought materials from home and repaired the fence. Again, thank you Tom; it’s caring members like you that make a difference and this a great Club!

2) Because of the overcrowding of our speaker events/meetings, we decided to not invite the entire SCG community to our speaker presentations. We will allow each Club member to bring one guest. This will go into effect with the upcoming meeting on 2/10/15.

3) Our Club is one of the three clubs in Grand that has something for the Grandkids as shown in the February Issue of the Grand Lifestyles, under “Grandkids Corner”. Please be advised the correct email address is:

4) In order to receive a monitor credit you must be the person designated to monitor that event. Example: skill drop-ins or mixers, unless you are listed on the club website as the designated monitor for that event you will not be given a monitor credit for putting your name down as the monitor. The only exception is, if the designated monitor for that event sends an email to the Monitor Chair informing them prior to the event, that they are allowing a person to substitute on a specific day/event.

5) Club Policy: Guests at club scheduled events. Effective 1/13/15 the club policy is that guests of a member are Not Allowed at club scheduled events (drop-ins, skill levels, mixers etc.). This policy is to allow club members the chance to use the facilities during times set aside for the club. The only time guests are allowed at club events is from June 1 to September 30. If you have a guest visiting, please use the court reservations system.

6) As we have previously announced Dr. Michael Cronin, a practicing Naturopathic doctor who specializes on giving back active lifestyles without surgery, will be presenting at our next Club meeting on Tuesday, 2/10/15, at 2:45. Below is a short Dr. Mike’s bio:

Dr. Michael Cronin has been practicing Naturopathic medicine in Arizona since 1982. He is committed to helping to improve people’s health and quality of life by evolving the practice of naturopathic medicine and advancing the availability and licensing of Naturopathic physicians nationally and internationally.

Dr. Cronin is the Past-President of the American Association of Naturopathic Medicine, Trustee of the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, Chair of the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute, Board member of the Arizona Association of Naturopathic Medicine and its legislative co-chair. Dr Cronin is on the Board of Trustees of National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.

Dr Cronin has practiced with his wife, Dr Kyle Cronin, at Naturopathic Physicians Group in Scottsdale, Arizona for over 20 years. His family practice includes environmental medicine but emphasizes naturopathic physical medicine. He treats chronic pain with prolotherapy, regenerative injection therapy using Platelet Rich Plasma, manipulation and spinal decompression integrated into a naturopathic treatment program. Dr Cronin utilizes diagnostic ultrasound in his musculoskeletal assessment and for ultrasound guided injections. This will be a half hour presentation with a 15 minute Q and A. The monthly meeting will immediately follow. Please be seated by 2:45 so we can start on time. Thank you.

Dennis Raggi
President SCG Pickleball Club

Pickleball Club: SCG Board Candidates meet & greet, questions & answers

What’s in this email?

Pickleball Club: SCG Board Candidates meet & greet, questions & answers

I had a chance to meet each one of the four candidates running for the Sun City Grand Board of Directors. Many of you are starting to receive your ballots and have not had a chance to meet or ask questions of the candidates. The Pickleball Club has officially invited all four individuals to an event being held at the Cimarron Pavilion this Monday, February 2, 2015. The event will start at 2:00pm and run until 3:30pm. You will be allowed to ask questions of each candidate that attends. The forum will be decided prior to the event, a) individual round tables with groups of people and one candidate for approximately 15min, or b) a stand up question and answer session with all candidates. Please have a list of questions prepared concerning the entire community’s needs & direction. Be prepared to give a solution to your own question. Please take the time to bring facts and solutions to the event.

Remember the candidates are running for a volunteer position, always be polite & respectful whether you agree or disagree with them.

They want your vote, so make them earn it.

Dennis Raggi

Dues Deadline, Bulletin Board, 75+ drop-in, Guest Speaker General Meeting Tuesday 2/10, No Sunday night mixer 2/1/15, Monitors needed for February, & Turning off Court lights

What’s in this email?

1) Dues Deadline
2) Bulletin Board
3) 75+ drop in
4) Guest Speaker General Meeting Tuesday 2/10
5) No Sunday night mixer, 2/1/15
6) Monitors needed for February
7) Turning off Court lights

1) A reminder to please submit your application and renewal fee by this Saturday, 1/31/15. After 1/31/15, if not paid, you are considered delinquent and all Club benefits are suspended. The application is on line or can be picked up at the courts. When mailing the application, please include a photocopy of your cam card. Please follow the instructions on the application carefully.

2) The bulletin board committee is in the process of redoing the bulletin board so we appreciate some patience as they complete their project.

3) The 75+ drop-in on Saturday’s, 2:00-4:00pm, courts 1-4, has been very successful. Please come out on Saturdays (if you quality) and join in the fun. All skill levels welcome.

4) A reminder, our February guest speaker at the general meeting on 2/10 will be Dr. Michael Cronin, a practicing Naturopathic doctor in Arizona since 1982. Please see the flyers at the pavilion for more information and Dr. Mile’s Bio. This presentation is again open to all residents of SCG. Based on our experience from our prior speaker, we will be starting the presentation at 2:45. This will be a half hour presentation with 15 minutes for Q and A. We expect another large turnout so please come early for best sitting. The general meeting will follow right after.

5) It is Super Bowl Sunday this week so the Sunday night mixer has been canceled. It will resume as scheduled, 2/8/15

6) We need monitors for AM and PM Club drop-in events. Please sign up and get your required yearly monitoring completed early in the year. Only one monitor per event. The Saturday afternoon monitor (2-4pm) is for the 75+ drop in only (all members are eligible to monitor). The instructions on monitoring requirements and duties are located on the website.

7) We understand the court lights are sometimes being left on. Please, if you or your friends are the last ones to leave the courts, turn off all the court lights. The switches are located by the rest rooms next to the red 911 call box.

Dennis Raggi
President SCG Pickleball Club

New Club Event for 2.5 / Novice Players

If you are a 2.5 / Novice player and would like to improve your playing skills, the Club will be offering a new learning opportunity.

Each Tuesday afternoon throughout February (3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th), during the 2.5/Novice skill-level drop-in sessions, we will use courts 9 through 12 as lesson courts. There will be one experienced player assigned to each of the 4 courts to assist you in improving your pickleball knowledge and skills.

If you do not wish to take part in these lessons, courts 7 and 8 will be open to anyone who would prefer to simply enjoy the game, get a little exercise or practice what they have learned previously.

We hope that you will come out and enjoy this new club event.

Jeanne Harteau & Mel Langer
Clinic Co-Coordinators

Vendor Day, Court Schedule’s, Saturday Afternoon Drop-in, Saturday Afternoon Monitors, Guest Speaker exercise info, Why we have added/changed court usage

What’s in this email?

1) Vendor Day
2) Court Schedule’s
3) Saturday Afternoon Drop-in
4) Saturday Afternoon Monitors
5) Guest Speaker exercise info
6) Why we have added/changed court usage
1) Vendor Day is this Friday 1/23/15 from 9am to noon. Vendors will be at the Pavilion with paddles, accessories & clothing. Court 4 will be reserved for paddle demos. Coffee & snacks will be available in the Pavilion. Remember to only purchase approved paddles for use in SCG.

2) Over the next 10 days you will see the final court usage schedules show up on the reservations system. Please read carefully as events such as afternoon drop-in have various numbers of courts assigned based on the day of week. We have begun to post the court schedule in the Pavilion. We will begin to post the same court schedule in the breezeway by court #9. The ONLY schedule that you can sign up for a court will remain the bulletin board. The other schedules are for convenience only.

3) We have decided not to continue afternoon Drop-in on Saturdays; this will be effective 1/31/15 and courts 5 thru 12 will then be open to reserve for play.

4) If you have signed up to monitor for Saturday afternoon drop-in, you will monitor courts 1 thru 4 only, 75+ drop-in. This will be effective 1/31/15.

5) January’s guest speaker Josh Hayes, the physical therapist, has provided us with copies of the Warm up & Post workout exercises. We will not be able to post them on the website, but copies are available in the pavilion. Please only take one copy of each.

6) Reasons for the court usage changes:
The club members that attended our October 2014 membership meeting heard the guest speaker and SCG Board Director, Bob Aiken, tell the members that the club needed to show more club scheduled court usage to justify the need for more pickleball courts in SCG. That is the only reason your new Pickleball Board has added more club court events to the reservations system.

We have tried to add events to provide access to all skill levels of play from 2.5 to 5.0 and 75+. We, as a Board, realize that a lot of private groups have been displaced from their normal playing times. When adding events we have tried to do as asked by the SCG Board, that is to book all 12 courts in a single time slot. Also we were told that all club events need a monitor present. Any event added took into consideration the ability to get someone to monitor these events. We hope everyone will see that the main goal is for more courts for all residents of SCG.

We expect to return to the old court usage schedules sometime in early April, when demand for court time starts to lessen.

Thank You for Understanding and co-operation,

Dennis Raggi