Support the Arts

  1. There are a number of our Pickleball club members starring in the SCG Drama and Comedy Clubs presentation of “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum”.  Tickets are still available for shows on April 27, 28, and 29th.  You can buy them online.  Let’s show our support for the Drama club in this great production.
  2. Karen Paulsen lost her Topp XJ900 paddle on the courts.  A club member called her to tell her that he had placed it in the lost and found box.  When Karen went to check it the next day, it was gone.  It is clearly marked with her name and phone number on it.  Please let me know if you have her paddle or know where it might be.
  3. Lastly, let’s be aware of people hanging around the courts or our parking lot who are not CAM staff or guests.  Local Police have reported break-ins at Sun City Grand this past week.  Please pay attention to your surroundings.

Afternoon Drop In Monitors Change

With the change to the summer hours on the pickleball courts, we no longer use monitors during the afternoon drop-in period.  If you signed up to monitor for the afternoon, you will need to change it to a morning session to receive a monitor credit.
Sorry for the confusion.


2 Things

2 Things.

  1. A number of items have been reported missing at the Pickleball courts recently.  I would like to suggest that members take their bags with them on to the courts they are playing on instead of hanging them in the breezeways.
  2. If you are Monitoring on or after April 15, be reminded that drop in will now start at 8:00 AM.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy rest of the spring and summer and we see everybody back in Grand in the fall.


Sun City Grand Pickleball Club Meeting Agenda

Date April 10, 2018

Time 3:00 PM- Agua Fria Room

Type of Meeting: General Membership Meeting
Meeting Facilitator: Troy Konz
Invitees: All Active Club Members

I. Approval of minutes from the March meeting

II. Officers Reports – Treasurer

III. Committee Reports – Sponsorship, Volunteer of the Quarter

IV. Old Business

a. Welcome new board member

b. Pickleball skills Olympics – Pick-A-Lympics – recap

c. Internal Tournament – Pick your Partner – Nov 28, 29, 30 – Skill level – $20

d. Holiday Party – December 6 – Thadeous Rose Band – Linda D to update

e. Pro-Am – Play with a Pro event – December 16 – Noon start – benefits A Soldiers Best Friend

f. External Tournament – update

g. Court maintenance – update

h. CPR training – St Luke’s – Mel Langer

V. New business

a. Change to summer hours

b. Badges change – member approval

c. Board of Directors by law change – member approval


a. Don Madison update


Lost Items

A couple of our members have lost some items at the pickleball courts.

  • Barbara Farnsworth lost her cell phone that was in a blue case.
  • Brian Kaping lost his blue paddletek tempest storm paddle.

If anyone finds or comes across these items, please contact me, so we can get them back to their owners


Court cleaning

Thanks to our CAM staff and 12 fantastic club volunteers, courts 1-8 are clean and open for business.
Courts 9-16 will be ready by 10 AM
Courts 17-22 should be completed no later than noon.
Again, a great job by our volunteers.


CAM meeting and court times

Craig and I met with CAM management yesterday, Friday, March 30 to discuss issues with the Pickleball club and court cleaning.  The meeting was chaired by Ken Olson and had most of the CAM management and maintenance staff there.  The meeting went well.  Ken is concerned that there might be warranty and liability issues with us cleaning the courts with our new equipment.  They are all for the savings on the labor, time, and water, but want everything in writing before we continue to maintain our courts ourselves.  The liability issue is just a matter of training club members to use the machines (like the softball club with their power mowers).
Craig and I showed the group, pictures of the debris on the courts and balls, and how it affects the play and the safety of our club members.  Ken took many notes on the pictures and gave the list to Scott Phillips for action.

  • So, on April 4th, the courts will be shut down in the morning while CAM staff clean them.  Ken agreed that we could help the process by having a team of members helping to squeegee off the courts as the maintenance staff finishes each one.  This will mean that the courts would be open as soon as they are dry.  It’s up to us to make it happen faster.
  • I will need 3-5 volunteers to help out, starting at 7 AM on Wednesday morning.  Please let me know if you can help.

Also, starting on April 15th, the club hours will be moving forward by 1 hour.  I will send out another email once we have finalized everything.

Lastly, Val Wilson has asked for our help in finding her lost Hydro Flask.  She left it on the courts a week or so ago and it hasn’t been turned in yet.  It is a 24-ounce lime green water bottle with a sports top and a black carrying case.  If you pull the bottle out of the sleeve, Val’s name is on it with an outline of Washington state.  On the bottom of the bottle, is her phone number.  If you can be on the lookout for it, Val would appreciate it.

Please let me know if there are any concerns or questions.

Thanks for a Grand first three months of the year and for all of you heat chickens, see you when you turn back into snowbirds in the fall.

Pick – A – Lympics final results

The first ever pickleball skills Olympics was held yesterday afternoon.  Over 100 club members participated, volunteered or cheered on contestants.  The event could not run without the help of the volunteers and I really appreciate their hard work.  A personal “Thank You” goes to Bob Barczak and Linda Hoggatt for providing much needed technical support and for roaming around the courts during the games and keeping it running smoothly.  I think everyone had fun and realized how important and fun drills can be.
The 10 skills were rated from easy to “I can’t believe I got a zero on that”
The winners of each of the four brackets were:

Women’s Novice – 3.0

  1. Cindy VanGinkel
  2. Patty Jakobe
  3. Jackie Korevec

Women’s 3.5+

  1. Linda Hoggatt
  2. Pam Speer
  3. Dorothy Mazur

Men’s Novice – 3.0

  1. Tim Korevec
  2. Eugene Kit
  3. Terry Martell

Men’s 3.5+

  1. Victor Moreno
  2. Troy Konz
  3. Bob Williams

I hope that this is the start of many other fun little events that the club puts on.
Again, a huge Thank You to everyone.


Recognition of Club member, New attendance policy for Guest Speakers at Club Meetings, Grandkids Corner, Monitoring credits, Club policy on Guests, Dr. Michael Cronin’s Bio

What’s in this email?

1) Recognition of Club member, Tom Harvey
2) New attendance policy for Guest Speakers at Club Meetings
3) Grandkids Corner
4) Monitoring credits
5) Club policy on Guests
6) Dr. Michael Cronin’s Bio

1) We would like to recognize and thank Club member, Tom Harvey, for taking the initiative and repairing a section of the fence on one of the pickleball courts. Tom plays mornings at 7am. He said there was a CAM work order in for a while and felt the loose fence was not safe and didn’t want to see anyone get hurt so he brought materials from home and repaired the fence. Again, thank you Tom; it’s caring members like you that make a difference and this a great Club!

2) Because of the overcrowding of our speaker events/meetings, we decided to not invite the entire SCG community to our speaker presentations. We will allow each Club member to bring one guest. This will go into effect with the upcoming meeting on 2/10/15.

3) Our Club is one of the three clubs in Grand that has something for the Grandkids as shown in the February Issue of the Grand Lifestyles, under “Grandkids Corner”. Please be advised the correct email address is:

4) In order to receive a monitor credit you must be the person designated to monitor that event. Example: skill drop-ins or mixers, unless you are listed on the club website as the designated monitor for that event you will not be given a monitor credit for putting your name down as the monitor. The only exception is, if the designated monitor for that event sends an email to the Monitor Chair informing them prior to the event, that they are allowing a person to substitute on a specific day/event.

5) Club Policy: Guests at club scheduled events. Effective 1/13/15 the club policy is that guests of a member are Not Allowed at club scheduled events (drop-ins, skill levels, mixers etc.). This policy is to allow club members the chance to use the facilities during times set aside for the club. The only time guests are allowed at club events is from June 1 to September 30. If you have a guest visiting, please use the court reservations system.

6) As we have previously announced Dr. Michael Cronin, a practicing Naturopathic doctor who specializes on giving back active lifestyles without surgery, will be presenting at our next Club meeting on Tuesday, 2/10/15, at 2:45. Below is a short Dr. Mike’s bio:

Dr. Michael Cronin has been practicing Naturopathic medicine in Arizona since 1982. He is committed to helping to improve people’s health and quality of life by evolving the practice of naturopathic medicine and advancing the availability and licensing of Naturopathic physicians nationally and internationally.

Dr. Cronin is the Past-President of the American Association of Naturopathic Medicine, Trustee of the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, Chair of the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute, Board member of the Arizona Association of Naturopathic Medicine and its legislative co-chair. Dr Cronin is on the Board of Trustees of National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.

Dr Cronin has practiced with his wife, Dr Kyle Cronin, at Naturopathic Physicians Group in Scottsdale, Arizona for over 20 years. His family practice includes environmental medicine but emphasizes naturopathic physical medicine. He treats chronic pain with prolotherapy, regenerative injection therapy using Platelet Rich Plasma, manipulation and spinal decompression integrated into a naturopathic treatment program. Dr Cronin utilizes diagnostic ultrasound in his musculoskeletal assessment and for ultrasound guided injections. This will be a half hour presentation with a 15 minute Q and A. The monthly meeting will immediately follow. Please be seated by 2:45 so we can start on time. Thank you.

Dennis Raggi
President SCG Pickleball Club