Happy Thanksgiving and Tournament News

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, and for our non-American club members, Happy Thursday.

We are two weeks away from our very first Sharing the Pickleball Love Tournament.  The Gothic staff has done a fantastic job with the landscaping around the courts.

Craig and his team will be cleaning and maintaining the courts over the next two weeks, so if you would like to volunteer to help out in any way, please get a hold of him.

To all of the 170+ people who volunteered to help out during the tournament, your area leaders will be getting in contact with you soon to talk about you job duties and deliver your volunteer t-shirt to you.

NAZT TV 7 will be doing a news segment on the courts about our tournament and charities starting at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, December 11th.  We will be using court 21, but it would be nice to have the courts full during the shoot.

On Thursday, December 12th starting from 2-5PM, there will be a Pro Exhibition set up on court 21.  We will have pizzas, wings and desserts until it runs out.  Exhibition matches and food will start at 3 PM and the Mayor of Surprise will be in attendance as well.  Club members are welcome to come on out and have a good time.

We are in need of a few things to help out with the tournament.  It will start early in the morning and run until it is dark most days, so it will be chilly at both times.  Listed below are some items that will help make our tournament a success.  Make sure your name is on all of the items that you loan out

  1. (2-3) small electric generators (the quieter, the better). We have limited electrical outlets around the courts.
  2.  Propane heaters for the breezeways, pavilion, and tents.  Both tabletop and medium are needed
  3.  (2) small college dorm type refrigerators for tent usage
  4.  5 gallon plastic buckets (type used for empty homes during the summer).  We are in need of @100
  5.  Oranges, if you have an orange tree and would like to donate fresh oranges the week of the tournament, that would be great.  Please don’t drop them off now, but in 11-12 days from now.  This will be a nice homey touch
  6.  Baked goods for the Pro Exhibition on Thursday afternoon.  If you can help out on the oranges or baked goods, please let Laura Darrow know by emailing her at lkdarrow80127@yahoo.com or calling her at 303-888-2454

Please let me know if there are any questions