Pickleball Member Meeting Agenda

1.    Pickleball Club Member Meeting Agenda  
Pickleball Agenda
April 9, 2013, 3:00 PM in the Agua Fria Room in the Cimarron Center
Membership Meeting

Call meeting to order: Bob Applebaum

  • Secretaries Report: Gerri Gerard
  • Treasurers Report: John Olson
  • Committee Reports: Bob Applebaum

A committee is being formed to build a presentation so that we can deliver a plan to Activities & Fitness as to why we need more pickleball courts.  Currently, myself, John Olson and Bill Booth are on this committee.  We need more volunteers.

Old  Business:
1.     Scott Phillips intends to place new signs on the breezeway gates stating no pets, no bikes & only court shoes allowed.
2.     The bulletin board is fixed and at this time there is no need to have it replaced with a new one.

New Business
1.    Drop In: Reminder that we all need to sign in at the monitor’s desk before playing.  This is a CAM requirement!  Data collected is used to justify the need for additional courts.
2.    Bill Booth is updating our website and you can go on new.grandpickleball.org.
3.    The Board of Directors accepted the recommendation of the Activities and Fitness Advisory Committee and did not change the hours for summer play.  The hours of play will remain 7 am – 9 pm
4.    There will be no Pickleball board meetings or membership meetings until October 2013 – normal summer break.  CAM has been advised
5.    May 1st hours of play 7 am – 9 pm, drop in will be 8 am – 10 am and Ladders will be 8 am – 10 am
6.    Friday April 12, 2013 will be a 3.5 (B) skill level clinic.  There is a signup sheet at the bulletin board at the courts.  This clinic is for B level players only from noon to 2 pm.  Meet at the pavilion at 11:30 am to check in.  You will need your CAM card and membership card at sign in.  Joe & Linda Pender – Clinic Directors.
7.    We are considering purchasing a new brand of pickleballs from Steve Wong.  If we get a better price, the quality & durability is better, we might buy some as needed.
8.    Stickers will be placed on the canisters at the courts, stating that balls are not to be removed from the courts as they are property of the Pickleball Club.
9.    Court Reservations: If you sign up for courts and then decide you do not need them, please remove your name from the reservation list.  Ladder Captains should also release courts they are not using.  This is a problem that usually happens in January, February and March only.  Cheri Swinehart volunteered to oversee this committee to ensure there will be no abuse in 2014 of court reservations.  After 15 minutes of no one showing up at the reserved courts, they are free to use.
10. Keith Darrow and Dick Lewis will talk with Scott Phillips about raising the wind screens for any future tournaments.
11. It was suggested that the current board serve a 2 year term and future boards also serve a 2 year term.  Membership will need to vote on this idea.
12. Nominating Committee needs to be formed for the 2014 voting process.
Adjourn Meeting
Bob Applebaum
Pickleball Club