Pickleball Survey of International Significance

I am consulting with Michael Hess, a professor of sports management and marketing in Spain, to establish pickleball in Spain and throughout Europe. The rules are being translated into several languages.

A survey is being conducted to improve understanding of the motives for playing pickleball. The findings will be used to help those who organize pickleball events, clubs, training and tournaments to enhance players’ experience as well as to help attract new players to this great sport.

The survey is being conducted by two pickleball aficionados: Michael Hess, PhD (CUNEF University) and David Scally, Masters in Sport Management (University College Dublin).

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.
All questions are optional and anonymous.

Michael would appreciate the support of Arizona players and will share the results of the survey.
Survey link:  Pickleball Participation Survey

Bill Booth

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