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1) Upcoming Events
2) Accepting reservations/apps/checks at the Pizza Party

3) “Pickleball is Grand” Article in the March Grand Lifestyles
4) Instant Cold Packs are here

5) Pickleball cracked ball baskets

6) St. Mary’s Food Bank

1) Upcoming Events
  • Free Pizza Party, this Wednesday, 3/4/2015, from 11:00am-2:00pm at the PB Pavilion. Deliveries are coming at 11:00, noon and 1:00pm to help spread out serving times. Please see prior email blasts and flyers for more details.
  • Grand Charity Tournament Thursday, 3/19/2015-Saturday, 3/21/2015 SCG PB Courts to help support our local High School’s, Valley Vista, Marching Band. See prior blasts and flyers.
  • Spring Fling, Thursday, March 26th, 5:00 pm to 10:00 Okay PB Club members…Get in your Spring Fling reservations, times a wastin’ and we’re looking for a sold out event (see details on where to send your check on the second page of the flyer…questions email linda.durkee@cox.net)). Great Food, fun activities, and enjoy the evening with friends!
    No excuses get out those Hawaiian Skirts, Shirts, Shorts and your flip flops. Start practicing the hulu and move those hips for the Hula Hoop competition ( Who in the PB group can to do the Hula Hoop while bouncing a Pickleball on PB racquet?). Seats are starting to sell fast, so do not miss out!.
2) As a convenience (and a request from some members)  the Pizza Crew will be accepting your reservations for the Fling, your completed applications for the tournament and your checks for one or both on Wednesday, 3/4.  We will have reservation forms and tournament applications at the Pizza Party. 
3)  Please see the SCG Pickleball Club article “Pickleball is Grand” on page 26 in this month’s issue of the Grand Lifestyles. Paul Reiss, a PB Board member, wrote an informative article directed to all SCG residents about the new  direction of our Club and some of the new programs that benefit the entire SCG community.
4) We have added to the first aid kit, as suggested by one of you, instant cold pack’s. The product description states ” Immediate first aid treatment for contusions, sprains, abrasions and other minor injuries” and “use whenever instant cold therapy is required”. Please read the instructions carefully and if used, please provide the Board with feedback.
5) We have received feedback from the members who fill the ball holders and empty the broken ball baskets that people are using them as a garbage pail, finding everything from used tissues to chewed gum…obviously not a pleasant experience emptying them. So please use them for broken balls only.
6) We had another good turnout at the Food Bank today, Monday, 3/2 with 18 members helping out in both the Kids Café and sorting and repackaging. Club members have contributed 160 man hours in just 3 visits. To come on Monday’s email Cathy Hennefer at  hennefersc@gmail.com or Thursday’s email Dianne Kwiatkowski at krisjennlaur@icloud.com
Bob Ellis
VP SCG Pickleball Club

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