Thank you’s to all those involved in our Fun Charity Event

What’s in this email

1) A personal thank you from Bob Ellis
2) A thank you from the kids in the Band
3) A thank you from the Band Booster Club.
4) Utube video of our exhibition game. This is a classic!

1) There were so many Club members involved in making this event such a huge success for the kids of Valley Vista HS Marching Band that I am not going to mention names, because I am sure I will leave some people out. But I believe I have thanked most of you personally.

First of all I would like to thank all the organizers of our Fun Charity Event. They all worked many many hours behind the scenes, sometimes staying up most of the night making last minute changes and updates to the schedule. Getting emails at 9:00pm the night before at event stating someone couldn’t play the next day really gave them some interesting challenges.

Second all the “food crew” that made sure we had plenty of coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, lunch, drinks, etc. for all three days. And just all the other member volunteers that helped out when we needed them, the medical crew and the members who came early on Thursday and helped sweep the water off the courts so we could get the games in……the list is almost endless and I truly thank all of you very much.

Yes there were some glitches (that we learned from), but as we always stated “in the spirit” for the reason of the event was to raise money for the kids and we succeeded at doing that as a Club. I believe at this point(totals not all in yet) we will be able to get both their wishes  I would certainly hope that as a Club we talk about all the good we did and not dwell what may have not gone so well… was a last minute organized fun event and  the feedback I received was overwhelming  positive. We, as a Club, can be very proud of ourselves that we are giving back so much (and not just in money) to the community that surrounds our walls. When I told the kids we may be getting enough funds to get both their wishes, some had tears of joy rolling down their cheeks and some the biggest smiles and could not thank me enough. To me, seeing that made all the hours we all put in worth while. They all told me the director platform they have now is in bad shape and hard to move.

And most of all, and I think most of you would agree, the kids and their parents were a big part of the success of the event. The first job we gave all eight of them on Thursday was brooms to sweep the water off the court and they never complained. They served food and kept the water buckets full. They helped set up and take down each evening, Their parents were a big help as well, running twice to Sam’s for us to get cups and water. They sang, they entertained and as the days progressed they fell in love with us as many of us did with them. They were truly a bunch of hard working all American great kids that make you believe there is hope for the future in that generation.

2) Thank you’s from the kids themselves:

Thank You From Band/Color Guard

3) A Thank You form the Booster Club President of the Band
Good morning Mr. Ellis,

On behalf of the Band/Color guards and the Boosters, I’d like to thank everyone involved for their generous support. What you and the Pickle Ball members did was incredible.

The kiddos had much fun and learned a thing or two about working alongside our new Senior friends.

Thank you so much for affording our band/color guard and opportunity to earn the much needed funds that will most assuredly assist us during our performances, festivals and competitions.

I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but I like to plan ahead; would you think about our band performing at a Christmas event that may be planned at Sun City Grand?

I know that this would help in terms of continuing to have a positive union between both communities.

Again, thank you for your commitment and your support.


Nanette Burnett
VVHS Band/Color guard Booster President

4) Please open this link and enjoy the show:

If you need to communicate to the organizing committee please contact:
Bob Ellis
VP SCG Pickleball Club

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