Various Important Messages

What’s in this email

1) Summer start time 6am, close at 9pm
2) Club Events for Summer
3) Saturday’s Band Day Event Volunteers
4) Court Expansion Proposal
5) St Mary’s Food bank

1) I just received word from Executive Director Ken Olson, that he has approved a 6:00am start time for the Cimarron Pickleball courts as of 5/1/15. Thank You Mr Olson. If you plan on attending the chat with Ken on Wednesday evening, please take the time to thank Mr Olson.

2) Effective 5/1/15, Clubs summer events will be: AM Drop In at 8 to 10am, Ladders from 8 to 10am, Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday evening mixers. Please check the court reservation schedule for the courts & times of each event.

3 ) Saturday’s Band Day Event Volunteers, if available please park on Marcos de Niza parallel to courts 1 & 5, if you can walk, ride a bike or use your golf car we are expecting a large crowd for this community event, parking will be at a premium. Please come out to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work for Valley Vista High School Band. We will display the 2 items that we have purchased & donated to help the Band.

4) The AdHoc committee will be presenting its proposal for expansion of pickleball courts in May. Your Club is well versed on this subject, we have well trained professional members of your Club ready to engage the Board and others on this subject. If you attend a Board meeting please talk about other items on the agenda, let the Club deal with the pickleball subject, if you have pickleball information that is important please contact the Club President.

5) St Mary’s food bank can still use volunteers, please contact VP Bob Ellis to schedule your volunteer time.

Thank you to all the members of the Grand Pickleball Club for your hard work and donations of time and money to the Club’s charitable causes.

Dennis Raggi

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