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What’s in this email

1) Saturday’s Fun Day with the Band a big Success, 4/18/2015
2) Donated paddles
3) Mayor Wolcott “Did You Know” column
4) Court Expansion Proposal
5) St Mary’s Food bank
6) Club Events Time Changes
7) Ball Machine usage and responsibility
8) Remember only one monitor is required and allowed at club events
9) Carolyn Deaton

1) Last Saturday’s Fun Day with the Band was a huge success. The Mayor of Surprise and a SCG resident, Sharon Wolcott and Superintendent of Dysart Schools, Dr. Gail Pletnick, spent the morning playing pickleball and interacting with the band, and Club members. The 24 Club “instructors” had a great time teaching the kids and plans are being made to invite the kids back for more lessons. The band then put on a short performance with the Band Director, Rian Swearingen, using the 6′ director podium for the first time that the Club was able to purchase for them with the proceeds of the three day March Madness event. The organizers of the day (a big thank you to Sharon Navratil) also surprised one of the band members with a big cake and presents as it was her 15th birthday. Please go to this link to see many great pictures of Saturday’s event:

2) We would like to thank all the Club members who donated 44 paddles to be given to the Band to use at school or at the Surprise courts. We could still use a few more to be sure each band member gets one. If you would still like to donate paddles please contact Bob Ellis at . Also Jeff Stone, a SCG resident and in charge of the Surprise Courts also spoke inviting the kids and their families to learn and play at the City Courts.

3 ) Please read the Mayor’s “Did You Know” column in today’s, 4/22/2015, edition of the Surprise Independent. She highly praises our Pickleball Club. But also the headline on the front page is “More positions in cross hairs” as the Dysart school district targets $8.8 million more in budget cuts. Even more reason for more of us and other retirement communities to get involved and help the kids. They are the ones that suffer.

4) The AdHoc committee will be presenting its proposal for expansion of pickleball courts in May. Your Club is well versed on this subject, we have well trained professional members of your Club ready to engage the Board and others on this subject. If you attend a Board meeting please talk about other items on the agenda, let the Club deal with the  pickleball subject, if you have pickleball information that is important please contact the Club President.

5) St Mary’s food bank can still use volunteers, especially for the Kid’s Café on Monday mornings from 7am-10am. Last Monday some of the club members helped make 4,200 lunches for needy kids. Please contact VP Bob Ellis at   for further information.

Thank you to all the members of the Grand Pickleball Club for your hard work and donations of time and money to the Club’s charitable causes.

6) Please take note of changes in times and court assignments of Club events starting May 1, 2015. Court are open from 6am to 9pm daily.

7) If you are interested in becoming a monitor for the usage of the Simon ball machine please contact  Dennis Raggi at: I would like to have several people in charge of setting up and running training sessions with the ball machine for Club members.

8) Remember only one monitor is required and allowed at club events, please take note of the time and events available for monitor credits as of 5/1/15.

9) It is with great sadness that I am informing you that the wife of Club member Mike Deaton, Carolyn is at home under Hospice care. If you wish to visit with Carolyn, contact Mike at 602-881-6227. Carolyn can take visitors but is unable to talk.

Dennis Raggi

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