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1) Inter-generational Community Initiative
2) Direct Connections between the VVHS and SCG.
3) Mayor Wolcott’s Comments about the Band Event
4) Upcoming Events at the VVHS
5) Grand Lifestyles May 2015 Issue
6) St Mary’s Food bank
7) May Chat with the Board Schedule Change
8) Club Events Time Changes
9) Ball Machine usage and responsibility
10) Need volunteers to post daily court schedule
11) Loss of Members Wife

1) Inter-generational SCG Community/Valley Vista HS Initiative. Because of the overwhelming success of the “Fun with the Band Day” that the Mayor and Superintendent of Schools witnessed first hand, they have reached out to our Club and the SCG Activity Director Gina Worch to further pursue avenue’s of how different generations could benefit from each other. It is best described by an email we received from the Superintendent that states “For example, we have students building solar cars, others in media production, robotics/engineering clubs in both elementary and high school, drama groups, choirs and the list goes on and on.  These students do showcases, competitions, performances, etc.  If we have any adult groups that are interested, we can easily make those connections.  We could even do combined events if there was interest (i.e., choir performance, plays, tournaments,  art shows, etc.).” As an example, right now the girls in the VVHS band had to pay $60 to have matching dresses for the end of the year concert, May 15th. Many need them altered. If anyone out there has this sort of ability, or knows someone, please let myself or Bob Ellis know right away. They also need uniforms altered each summer as kids leave and new ones come into the Band. The inter-generational possibilities are almost endless. And they are a win-win for both generations. The ceramics Club has already donated a clay flattening machine to Valley Vista HS, something they were very happy to have. If you have any talents that you feel would benefit the HS or in another Club that would like to get involved, please let us know.

2) Direct Connections between the VVHS and SCG. To make sure communications and contacts between the VVHS and SCG are smooth and direct, all parties have agreed to have volunteers on both ends to make sure that happens. Bob Ellis,,  and two other Club members will represent SCG and Allison McIntosh, and others from the school will be in direct contact with each other and make sure interested parties are quickly connected.

3) Mayor Wolcott’s Comments about the Band Event. At the City Council meeting last week the Mayor had some comments about her experience at our Club’s Band Event. Please open the link below and listened to what got her attention about what the kids liked the best about the event. We heard the same comments from the kids during the three day fundraiser event as well.

4) Upcoming Events at the VVHS. Two of the activities were at the bottom of the last Community Newsletter. Today, Saturday, May 2nd the VVHS Dance Club will be performing at 7:00pm. There will be 22 different dances. $5.00 with a can of food. They have volunteered at and are supporting the St. Mary’s Food Bank….sound familiar? Next weekend, May 8th and 9th, the award winning Chorus will be performing and on Friday May 15th there will be a FREE end of the year concert by the VVHS Band. So with these hot days upon us go see the VVHS kids perform in their gorgeous Performing Arts Center right on Parkview. Some Club members were at the dance performance last night and it was well worth the $5 for a night of entertainment outside our community. Get there early as the 1300 seating was almost at capacity the first two nights.

5) Grand Lifestyles May 2015 Issue. Please see the May 2015 issue of the Grand Lifestyles as there is an excellent write up with numerous pictures about our Pickleball Club. A big thank you to Paul Reiss, a PB Board member, for writing the article and Sharon Blatnik, from CAM, for showcasing our club in the magazine.

6) St Mary’s food bank can still use volunteers, especially for the Kid’s Café on Monday mornings from 7am-10am. Please watch “Activities Corner with Gina, May-June” on TV 22 to get more information or open this link to see the interview with the manager of the Food bank: Please contact VP Bob Ellis at  for further information.

Thank you to all the members of the Grand Pickleball Club for your hard work and donations of time and money to the Club’s charitable causes.

7) May Chat with the Board Schedule Change. The SCG Board voted 4/30/2015 to change the dates of the regular Board meetings and also the Chat with the Board. They have been flip-flopped. The regular Board meeting for May will be Thursday, May 14th and the May Chat with the Board will be Thursday, May 28th. So the Pickleball/Tennis presentation will not be until 5/28.

8) Please take note of changes in times and court assignments of Club events starting May 1, 2015. Court are open from 6am to 9pm daily.

9) If you are interested in becoming a monitor for the usage of the Simon ball machine please contact  Dennis Raggi at: I would like to have several people in charge of setting up and running training sessions with the ball machine for Club members.

10) Need volunteers to post daily court schedule. We need volunteers to post the daily court usage schedule, if you play at 6am please help us with the court schedule posting. Only the bulletin board schedule needs to be posted for the summer months. Contact Dennis at We can use several volunteers so please help out, you will get monitoring credits for the schedule posting.

11) Loss of Members Wife. I’m sorry to inform you of the passing of Club Member Mike Deaton’s loving wife Carolyn.

Dennis Raggi
President SCG Pickleball Club

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