Various Important Messages

What’s in this email?
1) 2.5/novice, 3.0/C & 3.5/B Clinic Dates
2) Clarify Club Court use
3) Court Reservations System
4) CAM Staff
5) New Pickleballs
6) Shirt Sales and Vendor Day

1) Clinic Update: Last Spring, clinics were very well received. Mel Langer and Jeanne Harteau are conducting them again, same format, no need to sign up, just come to your Skill level Drop-in. Monday is 3.0/C, Tuesday is 2.5/Novice, and Thursday is 3.5/B(see weekly schedule for times). Clinics will run from 11/30/15 thru 12/31/15 (no clinic 12/24). They are for Club Members Only and Mandatory that you wear Your Name Badge with current year sticker. As always, we have very talented instructors lined up to teach you. It is possible we may not have an instructor for each court, in that case some courts will be designated for regular Skill level play.

2) Clarification of Club Usage: In a previous Club email about new court use, some people were not clear about who can or will use certain courts.

-Courts 10,11 &12 will Not be booked by the Club. Those courts are open to any resident with a CAM card to reserve, 7am-9pm, seven days a week.
-Club Events will only occur on courts 1 thru 9, throughout the day. On courts 1 thru 9, there will be some courts open for reservations, at various times during the day. Again, any resident with a current CAM card can reserve those available courts.
-The reason the 10 min rule won’t apply, is we want to give new events a chance to succeed. If there’s no demand, events can be changed.
-New court use schedule will start sometime in mid December, as part of the upgrade to the court reservation software. We will email dates as we get closer to the rollout.

We also want to hear from members about new events for the Club. Like a Ladies 3.0/3.5 mixer, Ladies Drop-in, or 4.0/4.5 mixer. We want members to help run these events, you will be allowed to play and run those events.
-After Thanksgiving we will put out a list of events on the Club website and in an email.

3) Court Reservation System Update: Sometime in mid December we will be going to an updated version of the court reservations system. The new version will eliminate some problems and give the administrators updated tools. You will be notified about having to enter a new user name and current CAM card to be able to reserve a court. That will occur in mid December. You will be notified of those dates in December and instructions on use.

4) Thanking Cam Staff: We want to thank Ken Olson and his staff for their support in dealing with court use issues, court improvements and upgrades to the facility. Every meeting I have had with CAM staff, they’ve had helpful ideas. Please send them a “Thank you” email.

5) New Club Official Pickleball: We understand some may need more time to adjust to the new ball the Club is switching over too. The benefits of the improved ball certainly justify the switch and is recognized by the USAPA. If you reserve a court, you can play with what ever ball you prefer. Club events will only be the Club supplied ball. The feedback from all levels of players has been overwhelming positive.

6) Shirt Sale and Vendor Day: We had another excellent sales day yesterday of the official SCG Pickleball Shirt. We sold over 100 shirts. The Super Sales Saturday Special of 2/$15 was a big hit. A big thank you to Bob Ellis and Pauline Avery and crew for making it a big success. We do apologize for running out of some sizes, but we will be reordering immediately and the new shipment will arrive in approximately two weeks. We will announce in an email when they arrive. Because we did run out of some sizes we will keep the special price of 2 for $15 for the rest of the year and the shirts can always be ordered through our website. The next big sales day will either be 12/19 or mid January 2016. Great, inexpensive gifts for the Holidays.

We also had a very successful vendor day, with three different vendors selling paddles and all said it was a good day. People liked trying out the paddles in Court 4 before purchasing. The next vendor day will be in mid January 2016.

Remember our next big social event is FREE PIZZA DAY, December 9th, 11:00am-2:00pm!

Dennis Raggi
SCG Pickleball President

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