Change in reservation system and cancellation of pizza Wednesday

What’s in this email?

1) Reservation system change effective December 18th
2) The pizza event scheduled for Wednesday, December 9th, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm is CANCELLED

1) The club will begin using a new reservation system for court reservations starting December 18.  The new reservation system is named HoldMyCourt. At the same time the new CAM-mandated court schedule which leaves 25% of courts available for reservation at all times will be implemented.

To use  HoldMyCourt users must register.  To register; an email address, a name and a phone number are required. When you register a password will be mailed to you. You can change your password by clicking on “Change Profile.”  Please DO NOT use capital letters for your name. CAM numbers will no longer be used. As with our current registration system, reservations for December 18 will be accepted at HoldMyCourt seven days and 3 hours in advance. This is December 10th at 9 pm.  Users may wish to register in advance so they are ready to reserve courts on December 10th.

Since email addresses are used to reserve courts couples who currently share an email address but who reserve courts separately will need to obtain another email address for use by the second person. We apologize for any inconvenience. There are many email services who provide email addresses at no cost.

The password that is sent to the HoldMyCourt reservation system is not encrypted (this was also true of our old system)  for this reason you should not use a password for HoldMyCourt that is the same as your other passwords, for example the password you use for your bank.

To access both our current and future reservation system please go to

Direct questions or issues with the new reservation system to Joe Williams.

2) The pizza event scheduled for Wednesday, December 9th, 11:00am – 2:00pm is CANCELLED

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