Various Important Items December 16, 2015

What’s in this email?

1) Reminder All Pickleball Courts will be closed 12/18 at 7am until 12/24
2) Over view of New Court use, Club Events
3) Monitor sign ups, Check Event times 
4) New Card reader for Members to Check-In
5) What is a Club Court Challenge Event
6) TV Monitor Display & Card Reader
7) Send thank you to CAM staff
8) First Annual Golf Cart Holiday Light Parade
9) Discounted Coyotes Tickets for Pickleball Clubs 
1) Just a reminder that beginning at 7 am on Friday 12/18 all 12 pickleball courts will be closed for repairs. Courts are scheduled to reopen on Thursday 12/24 at 7 am. Please do not come to the courts thinking you can use a court because the workers are not on that court. Let them do their job without interference or traffic around the complex.The re-coating process is temperature sensitive , it requires surface and air temperatures to be at minimums for them to apply their products. So it may appear that nothing is being done early in the morning or late afternoons, but that is normal, they will be power washing the courts as part of their resurfacing.
2) Overview of New Court use & New Club Events, Effective 12/21/15, when courts reopen after re-surfacing.
Courts 10, 11 & 12, Will Not be Used for Club Events, they are open to Everyone with a valid CAM card
  • New Event: 7am to 9am, 7 days a week, Ladies Court Challenge court 7 , Mens Court Challenge court 8
  • New Event: 7am to 9pm ,7 days a week,  Club Court Challenge  court 9, All Day Event
  • Drop In will remain at 9am to Noon , 7 days a week on courts 1 to 8
  • Ladders will remain at noon to 2pm , same days as before, courts subject to Ladder Captains needs
  • New Event: Ball machine & skill drills,  Monday to Thursday, subject to courts available, courts 7 & 8
  • Skill Level Drop In’s for 2.5, 3.0/C, 3.5/B & 4.0/A, are at 2pm to 4pm, courts 1 thru 8 , no days changed,
  • Friday’s noon to 2pm : 4.5 Skill on courts 4 to 8, Added 5.0/Open on courts 1, 2 & 3
  • New Time, PM Drop In , 4pm to 6pm , Monday to Wednesday courts 1 to 6, Thursday’s court 4 to 8
  • New Event: 4pm to 9pm,M,W,F&S, Ladies Court Challenge court 7 , Mens Court Challenge court 8,
  • New Event: 4pm to 6pm, Tuesday, Ladies Court Challenge court 7 , Mens Court Challenge court 8
  • New Events: 6pm to 9pm, Monday & Wednesday’s , 2.5/Novice Evening Drop-in’s, court 1 ,2 & 3
  • Thursday’s 4pm to 6pm on courts 1,2 & 3. Friday’s 6pm to 9pm courts 5 & 6.
  • Intro Lessons are Friday Night , 6pm to 9pm courts 1 ,2, 3 & 4.
  • 75 plus Drop In : Saturday’s noon to 2pm on courts 3 & 4
  • New Event : 1pm to 3pm, Saturdays 4.5/5.0 Round Robin courts 5,6,7 & 8, Contact Monitor Carol Tripp
  • New Event : noon to 1pm , Saturdays, Club Court Challenge courts 5,6,7&8 ,this event may be change
  • Tuesday Night Mixer,  6pm to 9pm , courts 1 thru 8
  • Thursday Night Mixer, 6pm to 9pm , courts 1 thru 8
  • Sunday Night Mixer ,  6pm to 9pm , courts 1 thru 8
  • Single Club Mixer , Sundays, noon to 2pm , courts 1 ,2 ,3, & 4
3) If you have signed up to monitor, please check event day & times as some have changed since you signed up.  We’re sorry if you have to monitor at a different time than you expected.
When you sign up to monitor please check the calendar of events for times on that day.
4) In the Pavilion we have installed the first TV court display & Card swipe reader (located just below the TV).  The card swipe will be the new check in system in place of the paper sign in sheets. We will still use both for the next month until everyone is in the new card reader database. Please swipe your card for each event you attend, also if you reserve a court we would like you to swipe your card . We are tracking total use of the facility by Club members. This device will only track Club members, once you swipe your card(the magnetic strip points to the right) you will see a green light, that’s it your now checked in.
5) New Event: Club Court Challenge, event is designed to allow Club members access to play throughout the day without having to reserve a court. We have specified Ladies & Men’s courts if you want that format(your choice) Format is similar to what we do at drop-in, if people are waiting (we may add a sign up sheet at court gate). Winners of the game stay, split up and pair with 2 new players, format repeats so everyone waiting gets a chance to challenge the winners. If you lose you merely go to the end of the list and wait your turn.
6) In the Pavilion we now have working the TV display of the court schedule & a CAM card swipe card reader. The Club is fortunate to have very knowledgeable members that made this happen. The Club wants to thank the lead on this project Mike O’Meara , he has put in countless hours on this project. Joe Williams on the website updates and reservation system switch over . Also Ken & Elissa Kravitz for all their time in updating the input of the Club Events into the new system and calendar of events.
My entire Board would like to thank everyone that worked on and added input on these projects.

A second TV display & Card swipe reader will be installed in the breezeway above the water fountain next month. That way you can check in & view the court schedule at the Pavilion or by the water fountain at court 7.

Please continue to use the sign-in sheets for all Club activities.  Although we have one card reader installed we are not ready to switch to the card readers yet.   When we are ready to use the card readers we will announce this in a blast. 

We will also be going to a real time reservation format once the second TV is installed. You will be informed when that change is made.
7) Facility’s manager Scott Phillips , General Manager Ken Olson  and Technology’s Mark Jibilian were responsible for helping the Club  get the TV monitor & card reader project going and completing phase 1, with the second phase to be completed next month. Please send them a Thank You email or if you see them thank them in person.

8) First Annual Golf Cart Holiday Light Parade: The Club had a best decorated golf cart contest last Monday night. To our surprise so many came very creatively decorated. It was a tough decision but the group voted for Julie and Lorraine Seaverson (sister-in-laws) with not only a great decorated cart but dressed as Mr and Mrs Claus and had Christmas music as well. They won the $50 gift card from Babbo’s. We had 2 $25 Babbo’s gift cards for second and third place. But because it was so difficult to decide and in the spirit of the Holidays, we gave 4 others $25 Babbo’s gift cards: Don and Sandy Lightwine, Myles and Elva Nugent, Steve and Marlene Berwald and Frank and Dianne Rizzo. Thank you all for participating in the parade and we all enjoyed how great your carts looked. Looking forward to next year!

9) In a email club member Linda Hoggart said,

Hello Pickleball Club Presidents and pickleball players,

I wanted to let you know that I just received an opportunity from the National Hockey League ARIZONA COYOTES for you and your club members to enjoy a hockey game.  I have attached a flyer offering discounted tickets for the 7PM, January 18th,  2016 Monday night game, against the BUFFALO SABRES.  Tickets may be purchased in advance or during the Southwest Regional tournament at Sun City, January 15, 16, 17, 2016.

The Arizona Coyotes will be donating part of the proceeds from ticket sales back to the USAPA.  For those that attend the game, we will be taking a post-game photo of pickleball players and friends on the arena ice with a pickleball banner.

Please make this information available to pickleball players in your club

Linda Hoggatt, Tournament Director USAPA Southwest Regional

The flyer has been placed on our website.   Click here. 

Dennis Raggi
SCG Pickleball President

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