25% rule to be applied on daily basis ~ all courts to be used for morning drop-in

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1) 25% rule to be on a daily basis

1) In a meeting yesterday with Ken Olson ( General Manager, CAM) it was agreed that the 25% rule should be applied on a daily basis not on an hourly one. So effective immediately, all 12 courts can now be used during morning Drop-in which should alleviate some of the congestion that occurs during this time of the day. It will however take 8 days for the schedule to clear and to allow all 12 courts to be used. Ken agreed that the new schedule that the new club board came up with does meet the spirit of the 25% rule based on daily usage for open play for club members and residents. The board will continue to look at ways to tweak the schedule to maximize court usage that benefits all club members and still meets the 25% requirement.

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

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